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Are you in East London?

NHS Open Doors

Spotlight on Support

Open Doors is a free and confidential advice service in Hackney and Newham for people working in the sex industry. It’s run by the NHS and offers lots of services and advice including emergency contraception, counselling, sexual health screening, condoms, and all sorts of referrals and support into other services you might need . They work closely with National Ugly Mugs and are very proactive in encouraging sex workers to report crimes against them so that others in the industry can be alerted.

Open Doors have clinics in Hackney and Newham and if you live in Newham and can’t get to them, they can come to you. They will visit in call flats, and saunas as well as pay parties (before the party gets going!) and as well as offering full sexual health screening will leave you condoms and other goodies. In short, if you are in East London, you should know about the amazing services they offer and use them for help and advice.  Open Doors Link is discreet and totally confidential. It’s essential and important work and if you are a sex worker that needs anything, you should get in touch with them immediately.

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