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Guide to driving in the UK

Driving in the UK is a pretty straightforward affair as it’s a relatively tight environment, with plenty of signs to help you make the right decisions. The main difference for many people, certainly those from continental Europe or the Americas, is driving on the other side of the road. This …

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How to store winter clothes

Transition seasons provide a chance to rediscover activities you may not have enjoyed for months, as well as clothing you haven’t seen for what feels like forever. As fun as this may be, this also brings up the problem of where to put everything that you don’t need for another …

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10 tips to a better home – on a budget

Ready to spruce up your home in time for spring but having a few cash flow problems? Don’t worry. Here are ten budget-friendly tips to take your home out of the doom and gloom of winter: 1. Be bright and daring A lick of paint can be a fantastic way …

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Unforgettable gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and if you haven’t gotten that special someone the perfect gift, don’t panic. There are thousands of people in the same boat as you are; desperately searching for something that says “I love you” that can be cherished forever. It can be …

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New year, new resolutions: live a sporty life

January is already more than halfway through and, for many of us, the reality of our over-enthusiastic sporty New Year’s resolutions is sinking in. Running every day is not proving as much fun as we thought it might be and those trips to the gym are already tailing off. One …

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Where to sell your unwanted presents online

Christmas presents are great but finding space for new gifts can be difficult. One winning solution is to sell unwanted presents; by doing this it is possible to gain space and make money to spend on something you really want or need. Traditional methods of selling unwanted gifts There are …

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