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Charging for time vs money

It’s very common to get queries from gentlemen who ask “How much is for half an hour? I only want a sensual massage” or “How much for just a blow job?”

What they are saying is that they don’t want to pay the full half hour rate because they don’t want all of the services on offer.

Escorts have different takes on this. Some of us – including myself – think only in terms of the time spent with the client. A half hour massaging someone is no easier than a half hour swinging from the chandeliers, so why would there be any difference in price? In fact, as far as I am concerned, massaging someone for a thirty minutes or an hour is much harder work than rolling around on the bed doing the full menu – it’s boring and my arms get tired. But, then, I don’t consider intercourse unpleasant so why would I give someone a discount just because they don’t choose to penetrate me?

However, other escorts feel differently. They prefer to avoid intercourse when possible and therefor will entertain the idea of discounting their time for less sexual services. I have at least two friends who tell me that they almost never actually perform intercourse. I asked them why and they said, “I don’t know… it just doesn’t seem to come up. I perform oral and they like it and they finish and then they just get dressed and leave.” It’s not that they actively discourage it, but they don’t encourage it. Since I think that intercourse is usually the easiest thing on my menu (except perhaps watersports) this mystifies me but it does go to show that escorts have different feelings about various services.

This leads to the subject of “extras.” In most parlours and brothels, prices are haggled on the spot with the service provider attempting to upsell every possible act in order to increase the price. While a certain base service (massage or protected intercourse) may be considered standard for the advertised hourly rate, anything from kissing to removing one’s bra to allowing the client to ejaculate in the provider’s mouth can be an additional £10 or £20. Sometimes, an escort may want to limit the amount of certain services: she may enjoy providing anal sex but limiting it only to those willing to pay extra means she only has to do it when she feels capable, and with those who aren’t too large or rough. there are services that require extra preparation or clean-up. Sploshing (playing with food) would mean having to clean the room, do extra laundry, and probably having to wash and re-style hair after the booking.

You can charge anything you like, based on any criteria you want. If you want to be all-inclusive for a higher based rate, you can do that so long as you are prepared to deliver every advertised service to every clean and polite client. You can also choose to advertise a lower base rate in order to get them through the door and then “upsell” them extra services in order to increase your income. I know a girl who advertises rates as “From £100.” When she gets them on the phone she gives a quick “spiel” about her services: the lower rate includes a very basic service and then at a higher rate she does all of her services. Apparently, this works very well for her; they all opt for the higher-rate service.

I do know that clients don’t like to be mislead about how much they should expect to pay. If you charge extras, then you should say so in your advertising. Many of them only bring the exact amount with them to a booking so even if they wanted to pay extra, they couldn’t. And stopping the booking to send him to get his wallet open is a real mood-killer.

I used to say “No extras!” until I decided that I wanted to try offering anal. I found that there were a lot of men whom I couldn’t accommodate due to their size, or because they never warned me in advance that they would be wanting to do it (anal takes a fair amount of time and preparation.) Sometimes, it just wasn’t a good time of day for me to do it (due to having eaten recently or had a bit too much coffee.) So, whenever I declined to perform anal sex, the client felt disappointed and cheated. So, now, as much as I hate to charge any extras, I charge a little bit more for anal. I make a big production of taking their money and putting that little extra to the side, saying, “I haven’t earned this yet!” If I am unable to perform, then I can make a joke like, “Well, the good news is that you can put that money back in your wallet!” They may be disappointed but I don’t think that they can say they’ve been cheated.

You can charge whatever you want, based on either time or services or a combination of both. So long as you are clear about your pricing structure, you should be able to find the method that works for you.

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