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Escort advertising on Vivastreet

It’s so expensive to do escort advertising on Vivastreet…

We read the forums, obviously. And sometimes some people have a bit of a moan about how much it costs to advertise on Vivastreet. So, I thought I’d write a post talking about that.

I think the real and only strong competition we have is Adultwork. Everyone knows it and uses it and they are, on the face of things, “cheap”. Why? Because you don’t really feel like you are paying for your ad, because of the ecosystem they’ve developed. You put your pictures and videos there, get credits for views of them, then rather than bank that money, you keep it in the system and pay for your advertising with it. I get it. It’s clever, because although it *is* real money you are spending, it doesn’t *feel* like real money. It’s really clever.

Vivastreet, on the other hand, does charge you real money. And here’s why. We think what we provide in return for your investment is a very good service. We send on average 400+ responses to every ad a month.

We spend a lot of the money on advertising Vivastreet, on SEO to make sure we’re at the top of Google, and on our award winning customer service team. If you’ve ever had a problem and called them, you’ll know they are amazing. On forums, almost every week there is someone posting saying how great they are. This costs money. Got a problem with Adultwork.com? Good luck trying to speak to someone there!

It’s an investment

But, our operational costs aside, let’s think about it in terms of an investment.

We see the numbers on the back end. We know how many calls and emails people get from an ad on Vivastreet.

Let’s say you spent £150 on an ad. And you get around 125 calls. And you convert just 5% of them into clients. And you charge £150 an hour. That means that one ad has generated you 6 bookings, or £900. Take off the initial cost of the ad, and you’re £750 up. Even if you only converted 2% that’s still £225 profit.

So, when you think about it and do the maths, essentially you need to make just one booking to cover the cost, and everything after than is gravy.

Obviously, escorts cannot advertise in most places, but what would you prefer? The old days of covert coded ads in the back of a local newspaper? Or a highly targeted, professional website that allows you to be very direct, show your pictures, describe (and price) your services and works with charities that help promote your safety, well being and sexual health?

Yes, an escort advert on Vivastreet is going to cost you money. But, you will make that money back, and then some. This is why we have around 5,000 escorts advertising on our site. It works.

Take our free trial

If you’re still not convinced, we’re so confident you’ll love the business we deliver, we’ll give you a free trial. No catch. No credit card. Just an old fashioned free trial so you can see if Vivastreet is right for you.

Click here to take the free trial.

Click here to book your escort ad on Vivastreet.

If you’d prefer a lovely sales person to call you and talk you through the various options, click here.

And if you want to watch a little video (1 minute) explaining all the upgrade options, click here.

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