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5 types of escort: which one do you prefer

The beauty of escorts – apart from their actual beauty of course! – is that there’s someone for everyone. However, despite differences in age, personality and appearance, escorts often fall into distinct ‘types’.

Here are just five flavours of escort – which one do you prefer?

The Cougar

This kind of escort is usually a more mature woman. She’s likely to be experienced, straight talking and take control of any situation.

She is self-assured and will stride with confidence into any room. Her style is often glamorous and she’s likely to have expensive tastes. If you want to become a favoured client of the cougar, you need to be smart, interesting and generous.

The Schoolgirl

Ok, so the first thing to point out is that she’s not actually a schoolgirl; that would be 50 shades of wrong! She might however be young enough to be in college or university. Her escorting style is usually coy, naïve and submissive.

She might be a doe-eyed, innocent companion who needs you to take charge and lead the way.

She is not however, a pushover. She may offer you a romantic kind of girlfriend experience, but she doesn’t fall in love with clients and she can’t be sweet-talked into discounts or freebies.

The Nurse

This kind of escort or masseuse can offer you a caring, nurturing kind of experience. Most escorts are great listeners and are good with their hands but this is where The Nurse really excels.

If you need a little TLC from a beautiful woman then this is the perfect kind of escort for you. Her appearance is generally elegant, discreet and understated and she knows how to behave in any social setting.

She will be responsive to your needs and leave you feeling soothed at the end of every appointment.

The Girl Nextdoor

An escort in this category is the kind of girl with a laid-back, understated style that can make you feel at ease in any situation.

Her style is feminine without being overtly sexual. She is usually bubbly, enthusiastic and witty.

She’s often open to new experiences, is flexible, accommodating and a genuine pleasure to spend time with. Try not to fall in love with her.

The Dominatrix

This escort can be any age, ethnicity or appearance because for The Dominatrix, it’s all about the attitude.

You can expect a fiercely confident woman with a no-nonsense style. She’s in charge and you will do exactly as she says. With this escort, it’s wise to simply give up all control and let her take charge.

There are of course other types of escort but within each category you’ll find a variety of looks, ages, body shapes and heights to choose from.

The best bit is that at any time, you’re free to swap your regular Dominatrix for a session with The Nurse and luckily for you, there are thousands of escorts on Vivastreet waiting for your call. All you need to do is decide: which type of escort you want to spend time with today?

To find out more about escorts and how to book one, check out the advice in the Vivastreet adult blog or browse the ads and speak directly to an escort yourself.

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