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attractive sexy gay escorts on vivastreet

Gay Escorts

Gay Escorts

This may come as a surprise to you, but most men that hire gay escorts are straight. Or at least think they are.

If you’re gay and you want casual sex, you just go to a gay bar or open up an app and you can find casual gay sex quickly and easily.

But what if you’r married, or in a relationship but still fancy having a dabble with another guy? Booking  gay escorts is a simple and easy (and discreet) way for you to find out if you like a bit of cock or not.

There’s very little risk, very little chance of anyone finding out and you can do exactly what you want to do.

You might want to just try gay mutual masturbation, you might want to be blown by another guy, or you might want to know what it feels like to give another man a blow job. You might want to be a top or you might want to be a bottom. Hiring a gay escort means you can say at the outset what it is you want to do and find a male escort that’s happy to do that.

On Vivastreet we’ve got a lot of gay male escorts who are only too willing to see straight customers. They’re used to it. They know you’ll be nervous. They know you might not have done anything like this before. But relax, they’re professionals!

Let’s have a look at some of the ads that are live on the site right now. (These links may not always work for finding gay escorts, but at the time of writing they do).

Let’s say you want to try out being submissive. Maybe the idea of being “made” to go down on a guy will make it easier for you to try it. Well TopFetishDom is happy to help. This is a 30 year old gay escort who will do Domination, Role play and fantasy, WS and more. And he’s only £150 an hour.



gay escorts | Dom | Fetish

What about trying someone trans to ease you into exploring your gay side? Samantha is a submissive trans bottom who is waiting for you to call her and find out what it’s like to go with a chick with a dick.


a transexual gay escort on vivastreet


Fancy some muscle? Well “Fit Discreet” is waiting for you in Mayfair.

He’s not only very good looking, but also really fit. So if the idea of some muscle floats your boat, give him a call.


attractive sexy gay escorts on vivastreet

Or how about you start off with a massage and see where it leads? Pete is from Thailand and has 3 years experience as a professional masseur. He’s only £30 for thirty minutes, so have a nice massage and see if you fancy getting a happy ending.


cute bi thai gay escort


So, as you can see, if you’re interested in finding and trying a gay escort, Vivastreet has you covered. All sorts of different gay experiences on offer. If you’re a first timer or a dab hand, you’ll find something you like on Vivastreet.

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