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Gifts for Escorts

It’s that time of year when people think of giving gifts to friends, family and colleagues. Some people also give a little something to their service providers, like their cleaners or hair dressers. Escorts often receive gifts from clients, as well. Some men like to get something special for their regular girl and some just like to take a gift when going to see any escort, even for the first time.

I am amazed at how often a client will bring me a gift on the first visit. I’m not entirely sure why they do it. If it’s something small like flowers or chocolates, I just take it as a romantic gesture meant to get the booking off to a friendly start. Last December I got so many chocolates and bottles of wine! While I can at least put the chocolates aside and “regift” them later, I think it’s common courtesy to open a bottle of wine and share it with your guest. As I don’t drink this isn’t ideal. Sometimes the gift has been a bottle of perfume. The more expensive the gift, the more ambivalent I feel about it. On the one hand, who doesn’t like presents? On the other, there’s a feeling of awkwardness if someone has spent a lot of money on something that I might not even want. And I sort of wonder why he’s done it. Is he hoping to make me like him more? The whole point of seeing an escort is that you pay their set rates and dispense with the wooing necessary for an ordinary relationship.

Also common is a “gift” of lingerie or some other item of apparel. These are usually not truly gifts as the client generally expects the escort to wear them for the booking. Even if he says “You can keep that” it’s still been something bought for his pleasure rather than hers. It’s perfectly fine to bring things for her to wear, of course. It’s just not a gift in the true sense of the word. Assuming an escort’s size or trying to guess it can be a tricky matter, as well. Nobody has ever guessed my actual dress size: at six feet tall, I’m bigger than I look. (The one time a client brought something for me to wear that fit and I actually really liked – an awesome pair of knee-high boots – he took them with him. Trust me, I hinted! But I think he keeps a collection of such boots in various sizes just to take to bookings because he has a fetish for them. I can understand that. But they were some sweet boots!)

Then there are gifts from regular clients. These are really a nice thing, I think. It’s perfectly normal to give gifts to people you see regularly. You’ve probably had the opportunity to find out the escort’s tastes and interests so it shouldn’t be too hard to get something like a book about a topic she’s interested in or a pair of earrings that you know match the sparkle in her eyes.

I do think a lot of escorts really enjoy getting presents. I have seen escort websites with “wish lists” of things they would like to receive. Some wish lists are literally just lists of things they’d like you to bring to the booking. Others are set up through an Internet retailer and items will be shipped directly to the escort’s address. Sometimes, I think they’ve done it in order to steer clients to things that would be appreciated – if he’s going to spend his money on a gift, it may as well be something she likes – but sometimes it just looks a bit greedy. Then there are wishlists of things that would possibly be enjoyed by the client, as well, things like sexy lingerie and toys. I have considered putting my favourite internet sex shop wishlist on my own website for this reason, but I haven’t because I worry that it will be viewed as grabby. And just because someone has bought me a gift doesn’t mean that I will agree to see him – it would be very awkward if someone sent me an expensive lingerie set and then I never let him see me in it.

On one of my advertisements, I actually say that if the gentleman really wants to bring me a present, then I would most appreciate batteries for my toys. Men seem to find this more amusing than greedy and I never have to buy batteries! Hopefully it’s also saving me from the temptation of wine and chocolates.

If you’re going to buy an escort a gift – either to set the tone of a first meeting or to show your appreciation for a regular – I suggest sticking to relatively inexpensive, neutral things like flowers or perhaps a nice set of scented bath oils and lotions unless you really do know exactly what she wants and always remember that gifts should carry no obligation to the receiver other than a “thank you.”

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