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How To Get the Most Bang For Your Buck When Visiting An Escort

Having selected and escort and made a booking, you want to be sure that you’ll have the best time possible. Hopefully you’ve chosen well and you’re going to meet an attractive, friendly, enthusiastic sexy woman who sincerely wants to give you a great experience. But what things can you do on your end to get the best results?

First, and most importantly, BE ON TIME

Take a look at Google Maps before heading out, don’t just rely on your satnav to get you there. Familiarise yourself with the area, perhaps noting where parking may be available in the vicinity. And set off in plenty of time. If you are running late, let her know as soon as possible. It’s one thing to text to say that you’re stuck in traffic – everybody understands that these things happen – it’s quite another to rock up fifteen minutes late, assuming that she’s still sat there in her lingerie waiting for you. There are escorts who will cancel your booking and block your number just on principle, reasoning that if you’re too rude to respect their time you may be disrespectful in the bedroom as well.

That said, don’t show up early, either. Obviously, this sometimes can’t be helped. Just be sure that when you text to let her know you’re there to tell her that you’re OK to wait. Most escorts spend their time between bookings rushing around getting the bedroom ready, fixing their hair, or eating their lunch. Maybe she wants to finish her cup of tea and chill out for a few minutes. When a client calls to tell me he’s standing outside my door in the rain, I feel torn between wanting to continue with what I’m doing and letting the poor soul in out of the cold. It’s very irritating and you really don’t want to start off your booking with a stressed and irritated escort. So, hang back and let her know that you’re comfortable in your parked car or a nearby cafe and ask her to tell you when she’s ready. Sometimes I’m ready and happy to see the client immediately.

The second most important thing is PERSONAL HYGIENE

You probably want to be as fresh as possible and will have showered not long before the start of the booking. But there are people out there who think it’s OK to shower every other day or so. And, under ordinary circumstances, that may be fine. But if you are going to see an escort then you should be freshly showered and you should wear antiperspirant. Body odor doesn’t really wash off – it’s caused by a bacteria in the pores and a hot shower sometimes just makes it worse. So, wash yourself very thoroughly, with soap, all over your body paying special attention to anything you want her to put her mouth on. And then use antiperspirant. Any decent escort will be happy to let you shower at the start of a booking so if you’re coming straight from a long day at the office, don’t worry.

Incidentally, some men worry that the escort might not be clean. If you have been discerning about whom you’ve booked – and she presents herself as a sensible woman with self-respect – then you really shouldn’t ask her if she has taken a shower. All you will do is insult her. And if she has no qualms about poor hygiene, she’ll have no qualms about lying about her hygiene, either.

OK – you’ve arrived on time, looking great and smelling fresh. Hopefully, the woman who answers the door will be exactly what you were expecting. But if what you see is not to your liking – if she looks nothing like her photos or her flat is a smelly tip or she looks miserable – DO NOT HAND OVER ANY MONEY! Things will not improve and you will bitterly regret the entire experience, as well as the expense. What do you do if you’re looking at a slatternly grump in a dingy bathrobe standing in a messy flat? You make up an excuse and get the Hell out of there! Tell her you left your wallet in the car or ask if there’s a nearby ATM or just say that you’re too nervous and can’t go through with it. I can’t promise that you won’t get any hassle, but the quicker you do this and the sooner you are out of there, the better. Trust me on this

But odds are that she’s going to look great and you’re going to be raring to go. Great! Now is when you pay. You always pay at the start of the booking. There may be some escorts who don’t insist on this, but those are usually escorts who haven’t yet learned the hard way why they should. Just hand over the money without her having to even ask and get it out of the way.

There are escorts – usually those who promote themselves as “high class” “courtesans” who want your “donation” handed over discreetly in an envelope. And there are clients who prefer to do it that way. But don’t be shocked if she opens the envelope and counts it right in front of you. Please don’t take offense: she’s just learned a bitter lesson from another charming and well-dressed man who stiffed her in the past. She may take the money out of the room under the pretext of getting you a drink. Don’t worry about this. The sooner she’s at ease about the business end of things, the sooner you can both relax and enjoy yourselves.

As for relaxing and enjoying yourself, I have a few basic pointers

How To Get the Most Bang For Your Buck When Visiting An Escort 2

1. Respect her boundaries

Everyone has their little quirks and preferences. Perhaps she doesn’t like her ears licked. If she squirms out of the way, don’t take it personally. Every couple, having sex the first time, has to learn what the other person wants. Unless she pounces on you and goes full-on, herself, you might want to start out a bit slow. Don’t just start grabbing and squeezing and probing in a frenzy. Let things build as you explore one another. And if she says she doesn’t want you to do something (such as fingering her) respect that. Ignoring her is a really dickish thing to do and she’s going to despise you for the rest of the booking, if not throw you out.

2. Tell what you want

Don’t just lie there like a lump and make her read your mind. If she’s giving you a backrub and you’re thinking “Well, this isn’t what I wanted” then turn over and ask her for some oral or something that you do want. She may have the best intentions in the world but she can’t give you the time of your life if she doesn’t know what you want.

3. Keep conversation impersonal and don’t ask lots of prying questions

Many people are fascinated by escorts and want to know our personal stories, but asking how she got into it, if she’s married or has children, and other things of a personal nature is going to seem intrusive. It’s always rude to ask someone how many sexual partners they’ve had or how much money they make, and that applies to escorts as well. If she asks you personal questions, you don’t have to answer them, yourself.

4. Always remember that this is a paid service

She may genuinely like you and enjoy sex with you, but that doesn’t mean that she’s interested in seeing you socially or for free. You are a client to her and nothing more. Any confusion about this will only annoy her and get your feelings hurt. Keep it light and fun and respect it for what it is.

Finally, at the end of the booking – don’t overstay your welcome. She may want to relax and chat with you if she has nothing better to do after the booking, but you can’t take it for granted on subsequent bookings that she always will. Respect her time and be prepared to leave on time.

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