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How to Select and Book an Escort on Vivastreet

Vivastreet has so many escorts to choose from – hundreds in some cities – that the choice may be overwhelming. How do you choose? Furthermore, to your surprise, you may find it harder to actually get a booking than you expected. What is the best way to select an escort and get a booking from her?

When selecting an escort, it’s crucial to look beyond the photos and rates. Does she seem genuine? Vivastreet has just introduced a new photo verification scheme that should help assure you that the girl in the photo is the girl you will meet, and you can look forward to that becoming increasingly common. Slick studio photos don’t necessarily mean that the profile is fake, but you should be aware that the woman in the flesh may not measure up to glossy Photoshopped perfection.

Do you think that she has written her own advert? Many of the adverts on escort directories are poorly written, with bad spelling and grammer, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s not genuine or good at what she does. However, an advert that goes beyond “I will give you the best unrushed sensual dream experience of your life” and reveals something of her personality indicates that you’re probably looking at a winner. If she has a link to her own website, that is another excellent indication.

Be sure to read everything in her profile, paying close attention to the services she offers. It would be a terrible disappointment to show up wanting something that she doesn’t do. And beware adverts that promise EVERYTHING. It may be that they’re simply trying to appeal to every possible client in order to get a booking, without much concern for following through in the bedroom.

Having selected someone that you think looks promising, now it’s time to contact her

call an Escort on Vivastreet

Some prefer advanced bookings via email. Some insist that you call to speak with them. Others are happy to communicate via text. The majority of escorts prefer to be called, especially if you are asking for a booking that same day. In my opinion, calling is the best way to book an escort. It’s quicker and it gives you both a chance to hear one another’s voices. Hearing her speak on the phone is a great way to gauge her friendliness and enthusiasm.

Call from somewhere you can speak freely, in a normal tone of voice. Whispering crouched under your desk is going to make you sound like a creep. As I said, speak in a normal tone of voice. Just be relaxed, polite, and friendly. Talk the way you would if you were booking your car in for an MOT. Friendly and to the point. You don’t need to put on your sexy seducer voice. You won’t sound sexy. You will sound like Hannibal Lector.

When you are on the phone is the time to ask for clarification on services and make special requests. If you have specific requests NOW IS THE TIME TO ASK. Don’t send follow-up texts in the hour before the booking asking if she can wear a uniform. You’ll sound like a timewaster and drive her around the bend. Besides, if what you want is a girl in a nurse’s uniform to give you a prostate exam, you’ll be able to gauge her enthusiasm for that sort of thing better over the phone.

There are some people who hate to speak on the phone, and that includes some escorts. However, if you are booking an escort from another country, be aware that you may be texting someone other than her. That someone may agree to anything (“Yes, baby, I do that. Yes baby I love that.”) because it won’t be them alone in the room with the client. If you are booking a foreign girl, you may want to avoid anyone who refuses to speak on the phone.

However, sometimes it’s just necessary to text. If you can’t get away from your desk to make a phone call, you can try contacting via text instead of calling. If you text an escort, then you should do everything you can to sound genuine, as escorts get a lot of stupid texts and we ignore those.

A perfect text uses her name, your name, proper English with punctuation, and specifies the time and duration of the booking. “Hi, Kim. Are you available for an hour at 3pm today? Brian.” This lets her know that you’re not just firing off texts to every girl. It shows that you have some manners. You sound serious about making a booking.
Once she replies, be quick to clarify any services or requests BEFORE asking for her address. She ought to reply in the affirmative and give your address but you may have to ask her where to go.

What you never do is text something like, “Hi, what’s your address?” Honestly, you want her to make you jump through a couple of hoops to make a booking. That proves that she’s careful and a bit selective about who she sees. I would never just give my address to anyone who asked or take a booking from someone without at least having some idea of what sort of person he is.

Email is only for inquiring about bookings in the future. They may not get answered at all (I rarely check my own emails as I am booked primarily by phone). However, as above, you should use polite, standard English with good spelling and punctuation. Some men feel they ought to write very long epistles in which they talk about how they rarely do this sort of thing, they get no sex at home from the wife, etc, including physical descriptions of themselves or even attaching photos. That’s really not necessary, I can assure you.

Unless the booking is made very last minute, you should probably confirm everything is still good to go an hour or so before the start time. Many escorts will require this. However, if you’re going to be traveling some distance to get to her, you might suggest this, yourself, before you set off. I’m sorry to say that it is not unheard of for a client to turn up on time at the correct address only to be left standing there, repeated phone calls unanswered.

You may find it harder to book an escort than you’d expected. I know that this comes as a surprise to many men. After all, aren’t escorts supposed to be in business to make money?! But, if you are patient and polite, you should find that you’re successful more often than not.

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