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Swinging UK: The Underground World of UK Sex Parties

What types of images does the UK bring to mind? If you thought of old biddies having afternoon tea and conservatively dressed royalty, then you’d be wrong. The UK is actually full of kinky swingers who get it on in late night parties. You’re probably curious about what that is like exactly. Luckily for you, some swingers are so excited about their lifestyle that they have told various news publications just what their kinky lives are like.

One UK guy Mark Brendon shared his account with a local newspaper. He started out as an unhappy divorced guy who was feeling rather unfulfilled. He found himself in a situation in which he wasn’t supposed to start a new relationship for a year, but still wanted to have sex, and a friend suggested going to a swinger party as a way to achieve that. At first, Mark felt a little hesitant. He wondered if the party would be anything like the way they were portrayed on television, but he was also excited by the idea, and had always had problems with the ideas of strict monogamy.

What Mark discovered upon arrival was that the party was much more orderly than he expected. The attendees were much different than he expected. He thought they were going to be people who were desperate to have sex. What he found was a crew of happy people munching on snacks and listening to music in the downstairs part of the party house, and people having some hot group sex upstairs in rooms that each had different themes.


Now, thirteen years later, Mark is still in the lifestyle. One thing Mark loves about the swinging life is that he feels like he can talk about sex to anyone he meets at one of these parties, even if they themselves are not going to have sex. He feels he can just be free and open, which is something that most people enjoy about swinging in the UK!

According to other reports by those in the lifestyle, many Swinging UK sex parties take place in beautiful mansions, or country houses, and many swanky parties have fun themes like James Bond or other pop culture references. Some of the more expensive parties cost about £150 but there are other more affordable options too. Those in the UK scene now are very into dispelling the stereotypes about this fun lifestyle that were mostly developed in the 1970’s.

Most swingers in the UK today – and there are estimated to be more than 1.5 million of them – are very open minded, but absolutely normal people. You probably work with a swinger or two at the office and you would never really know! Some turn to the lifestyle because they find that having sexual freedom actually makes their marriage even stronger. When two people are really choosing to be with each other, that makes the relationship even more special. Many people report that seeing others attracted to their partner increases their own attraction, and seeing their partner interacting with others, but knowing they are going home with them, makes them even more fond!

For some reason, swinging is even more prevalent in the UK than it is in other European countries and no one really knows why, but if you’re one of the many UK people, who are interested in trying out this fun and unique hobby, check out the swinger personals on VivaStreet. It’s likely that you will meet someone equally open minded there, or perhaps find out about a fun party or group sex event. Swinging could change your life and your marriage for the better, so what are you waiting for?

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