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The Escort’s Guide to Marketing Yourself Online

If you’re new to escorting or have been working for a while and are looking for ways to get more bookings, the first thing you should do is check that you’re marketing yourself properly with an online profile or ad.

Clients looking for an escort will spend ages browsing online ads, and the secret to your success is making sure that your profile stands out from the crowd and catches their eye.

All too often, escorts assume that being attractive is enough and although that helps, clients are looking to spend time with their ideal woman. When you work for yourself, you need to do a little marketing to promote yourself as being the lady they’re looking for.

Here are some top tips for marketing your escorting service successfully:

Use a Reputable Service

Discretion, safety and reliability are three things that are equally important to clients and escorts alike. Setting up your ad right here on Vivastreet gives you, and your client, all of those things.

Most of the time, clients want to shop around and will usually look at several online ads before making a booking with one.

Often, escorts who advertise in newspapers or magazines don’t get the ad space they really need to include photographs or explain what makes them unique. Here on Vivastreet, you do!

By placing your ad on our site, you are making your services known in one of the first places clients look for escorts and that’s a great start.

What Makes You Unique?

Before you start writing your ad, think carefully about what makes you unique and find a way to write about it in interesting ways.

It can be useful to research other escort ads to see how people promote themselves. Which ones catch your eye, and why?

Although you want to yours to be unique, you can learn some useful tips and tricks from what other escorts are already doing and use them to your advantage.

For the client, booking an escort is exciting so make sure they feel excited about the time they could be spending with you.

If you are addicted to Zumba, tell them! If you love live music, say so, and if you give great massages, tell them about that too.

Clients want to send time with a real woman who has interests and a personality and something to say. You are more than a pretty face, so show it!

You don’t need to be perfect but you do need to have faith that you have a certain appeal.

Confidence in yourself shows and is more attractive than looks alone. Clients, particularly those who are nervous or shy, want a woman who is self-assured, so be confident.

Be Honest

Although it’s important to keep in mind what clients might be looking for and cater for them, don’t try to please everyone by claiming to be something you are not.

If you tell clients that you’re a dominating sort of woman because you know that appeals to some men, when in reality you’re quite a submissive girl, it will show when you meet. Neither of you will enjoy your time together and you won’t get a repeat booking.

Only promote yourself or offer a service that you’re completely comfortable with.

However, being honest doesn’t mean doing yourself a disservice! If you are overweight, describe yourself as curvy or voluptuous. If you are flat-chested describe yourself as petite or svelte. If you are older, describe yourself as mature or experienced.

If there are any words in your ad that could be interpreted negatively, delete them and find an alternative.

Make it Punchy

You don’t need to tell clients everything about you. Focus on a few attributes and talk about them in detail.

Keep your sentences short and punchy. Use simple language and keep everything relevant; clients don’t need to know where you grew up or why you relocated to a particular city, but they might like to know what accent you have.

Think about the things they might search for to make sure your ad comes up in their results. Using terms like “athletic blonde”, “bilingual escort” or “mature woman,” will all help your perfect client to find your ad among hundreds of others.

At the very least, your ad should include:

– A physical description
– Flattering photographs
– Your location
– Details of where you are happy to meet clients
– Your availability

Use Quality Images

This is your business so it’s worth investing in your profile.

Ads which use professional photographs always suggest that the escort takes her business seriously, is successful, and this subtly tells a client that they will thoroughly enjoy any time spent with her.

Book a photo-shoot and aim for at least five classy, sexy images of you in various outfits which will appeal to a variety of clients. Remember that glamour shots are OK, naked ones are not. Your images should make a client want to see more of you, so don’t give everything away in your pictures.

Generally speaking, the higher quality an escort ad is, the more a client is happy to pay the escort for her time. Look at how much other escorts charge and set a fee which is competitive but which reflects your distinctive individuality.

Tell a Client What to Expect from you

Although as an escort you are providing companionship, lots of clients will ask about physical intimacy.

Never write in an ad that you’re willing to engage sexually with anyone. However, if you are open to the possibility, you can describe yourself as sensual, adventurous, naughty or comfortable with nudity.

There’s a certain amount of teasing to be done in your ad; intrigue clients and make them want to know more about you.

The most important thing is that you offer some assurance that for the duration of the booking, they will have your undivided attention and that their satisfaction is your number one priority.

Keep it Fresh

Clients have a lot of escorts to choose from. Make sure they don’t overlook your ad by updating your headline or profile picture a couple of times each month.

If your ad didn’t catch their attention the last time they were online, a couple of changes here and there might make you stand out to them next time.

Promote Your Ad

As an optional extra, you can pay a little more to promote your ad. This means being able to highlight it so it stands out from others, or gets placed on the first search results page so is one of the first ads that clients see.

That’s it!

Now you know how to market yourself for success.

If you’re ready to start writing or updating your ad, you can do that right here on Vivastreet.

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