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Toys of the Trade

It’s my opinion (and, really, just an opinion) that every escort should have a few toys to hand for every booking. Toys are a great and easy way to spice up a booking and making it something the client may not be getting at home. They can also make bookings easier: one man’s toy is another girl’s labour-saving device.

Obviously, the type of toy will vary with the sort of services on offer, but I can tell you what I, as a fairly vanilla-but-raunchy escort, considers the basics.

The first is a basic dildo or realistic (cock-shaped) vibrator. I have one that is made of a squishy gel-like latex. I find that a great way to start off bookings to apply a little lube to the tip and ask the client if he’d like to do the honours. This does three things at the start of the booking. First, it warms me up for the ensuing action. Second, it applies lubricant to me in a way that is a little less obvious than slapping some on, myself. Finally, it gives clients a way to play with my pussy that keeps their grubby, ragged little fingernails out of my delicate vagina. Win! I really recommend that anything you ask clients to insert is made of the soft latex – a hard plastic bullet will feel uncomfortable when wielded by someone else.

The second most important toy in my arsenal is a small, vibrating cock ring. It’s a jelly-like rubber band with a small vibrator attached rather like the gem on a ring. The vibrating bit usually has little nubblies that are meant to stimulate the clit during intercourse. You can buy these in a chemists (displayed next to the condoms) or order them online – some of them have small replaceable batteries while the ones sold at the drug store need to be replaced fairly regularly. There are all sorts of things you can do with one of these, including holding in your hand in order to gently tease their testicles while giving oral. I once even stuffed a small one up me before a booking so that he got a vibrating surprise inside! (I don’t recommend stuffing small objects up your vagina unless you have very long fingers.)


A common request is for “anal play” or “prostate massage.” This can be my fingers or a small vibrator. Now, I am very careful about inserting things into rectums. For one thing, you do need to worry about hygiene. You can wash toys in disinfectant, of course, but the best thing to do is to cover everything with a condom. It’s reassuring to the client to see that condom as then he doesn’t have to wonder where else the vibrator has been! The second concern is to avoid losing anything “up there.” Toys get sucked up into rectums surprisingly easy and embarrassing trips to the emergency room are not uncommon. Unless your client has a humiliation fetish, you really want to avoid this. Never stick a small bullet vibrator up anyone’s arse. You want something with a large, flared base (like a butt plug) or some sort of handle or even a pull ring. I use a small vibrating butt plug with a power cord that leads to a remote control. I can vary the speed of the vibrator and depend on the cord to retrieve it should it get pulled in too deep (it’s small so the flared base may not always be enough). I also have a remote-control vibrating “egg” that I like to put up my backside to provide a vibrating “double penetration” experience during vaginal intercourse. That toy is strictly “mine” and is never used on clients.

Some men love to watch women pleasure themselves and if you get a good, mains-operated vibrator that makes you squirt they’ll be thrilled to pieces to watch. There are a lot of men who have never used a toy or watched a woman use a vibrator and so this is very novel and exciting for them.

While I am not very kinky, I do have a set of under-bed restraints that have Velcro cuffs for men who enjoy a tie-and-tease experience. A plain black satin blindfold is always to hand and I got a feather tickler to provide some tactile variation.

I have friends who do much kinkier stuff including whips and paddles and odd metal devices that lock on to the genitals for a chastity belt sort of experience. I don’t know much about those sorts of toys but I would recommend having a look at a good adult sex shop or website to see what is on offer. You’ll want to go beyond stuff found on the High Street in lingerie stores – look for large, specialist stores if you’re in a big city or try doing an online search for “Sex Toys.” Some of the websites are excellent with user reviews and even forums where you can get advice on what to try.

Having a small variety of basic toys can turn an ordinary booking into something really fun. Toys are a great and easy way to turn a humdrum, vanilla booking into something more memorable. They can also make a booking easier on you buy providing strong, tireless stimulation that doesn’t leave you with an aching jaw or a sore bottom. At the very least, they’re something fun to talk about in a booking – perfect for the shyer clients. Advertising and displaying a selection of toys tells the client that you are a fun, sexy escort who loves to play, so I suggest trying a couple if you haven’t already. You may find, like me, that they become a key selling point!

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