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Visiting an Escort in a Hotel

You may have noticed that a lot of escorts work from hotels. That is, they invite gentlemen to see them in their hotel room. If you’ve never visited an escort in a hotel, you may feel nervous about doing this. I hope that the following will set your mind at ease.

The first thing you need to know is that nobody will notice you or care what you are doing. I realise that visiting an escort can be nerve-wracking and intimidating enough without worrying about other people seeing you but trust me – nobody will pay you any mind at all as you walk through the hotel lobby. Escorts know to choose good hotels to work from. A properly discreet hotel is one that is large and busy and anonymous. Ideally, it will have at least a restaurant and a bar in addition to a conference centre and perhaps a health spa. With so many people coming and going in all directions, the staff will not even notice your existence.

There are some distinct advantages to visiting a girl working in a hotel. The first one is your general security. Escorts like hotels because they feel safer there and so should you: the odds of their being an unpleasant scene are low as nobody wants trouble in a semi-public place. While she may have friends nearby you’ll know that you’re going to be alone in the room – no need to wonder if there isn’t some hulking pimp lurking in the kitchen. You can generally expect a hotel to have secure parking so no need to worry about your car.

Second, you can expect a reasonable level of comfort in a hotel. I have heard some horror stories from clients about visiting escorts working from grotty flats with just a bare mattress on the floor and not hot water. I find it hard to believe anyone would work in such a setting but I understand that it does happen. A hotel should ensure plenty of hot water and an endless supply of fresh, clean towels.

When visiting an escort in a hotel, there are a few general guidelines of etiquette:

1. Don’t try and be clever and guess which hotel she is staying in

Most escorts will not tell you exactly what hotel they are in until a booking has been agreed. “A two-minute walk from Paddington Station” or “Just off Junction 19” is likely to be all she will divulge at first. If you happen to know that the only hotel next to Junction 19 is the Excalibur, don’t try and be clever. “You’re at the Excalibur, I presume?” There are no prizes for guessing correctly so just leave it alone and focus on establishing whether or not the two of you are suited for a booking. If you are also a guest at the Excalibur, you’re not going to do yourself any favours by telling her so. “You’re at the Excalibur Hotel, aren’t you? So am I! What room are you in and when are you free?” Not only do I never answer, I will spend the rest of my time there paranoid that the man eating breakfast across from me is the man who called me. Just back off on that information: you may well be glad that she doesn’t know where you are staying as discretion works both ways!visit an escort in a hotel

2. Always call from outside the hotel

Most girls will ask you to call when you have arrived at the hotel and are parked up. Please don’t call from right next to the reception desk. Someone may notice if men keep making phone calls and saying, “Hi? Dirty Diana? What room are you in? 415 you say? OK! Coming right up!” Have that conversation outside the hotel. No girl I know will text the room number – we generally want to be sure that you’re actually there.

3. Just walk in like you know what you are doing and head to the lift

No need to make eye contact with anybody. It may be that someone at reception will greet you and you can just answer, “Good afternoon” and keep walking. If you’re really anxious the best thing to do is to hold your mobile up to your ear as if you are in a conversation. March straight to the lifts and off you go. Remember: there is nothing odd about walking into a hotel and taking the lift. Nobody is paying any attention to you.

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4. Housekeeping may be around when you get there

There is no need to worry about them as they will be too busy trying to get the rooms cleaned in the ridiculously short time allowed and don’t have time to watch you. If there is a maid’s cart right by the escort’s room and the maid is right there you might try strolling on past and then coming back when she is gone. I tend to wait right at the peephole, watching, so that there is no need to knock. When you come in, it’s best to enter quietly and save greetings for when the door is shut behind you. This is for the escort’s sake: if a repeated number of men are seen knocking and saying “Hi Diana! You look hot!” even the busiest housekeeper may notice. But something to keep in mind: the burden of indiscretion will fall on the escort rather than you. Nobody is going to kick the door down and give you a hassle. At most, management may call her down to reception and tell her that her custom is no longer wanted. No laws are being broken and nobody is going to bother you.

I hope that you have found this helpful: if you are willing to visit an escort in a hotel you may find your options much greater as quite a few escorts are unable to entertain in a private flat.

Remember to relax and enjoy yourself!

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