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10 Things You Should Never Ask an Escort

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When hiring an escort there are certain rules of etiquette you should follow. Find out the 10 things you should never ask!

It seems pretty simple to employ the service of an escort, right?
You read the ads, find one you like and make a booking.
But, just like any social situation, there are certain rules of etiquette you should follow if you want your time with an escort to be enjoyable.
If you want to see your escort more than once, be a great client and make sure you never, ever, say any of the following things:


1. ‘Can I get a discount?’

This applies to extra time or services beyond what you agreed when you made your booking.

Your escort will not be amused if you ask for a cheeky discount or a freebie.

You will not get one and you won’t get another appointment with them either. If you want to extend the time you spend with her, ask politely and then be ready and able to pay for it.

2. ‘Why do you do this job?’

Lots of men that use escorts fall into the trap of thinking that women sell their time because they’re in need of rescuing from some sort of unhappiness or debt.

Women who become escorts have all sorts of reasons for choosing this profession, none of which are any of your business.

3. ‘Can my friend/wife/neighbour join us?’

If the appointment has been made for you, your escort will not appreciate or accept someone else being invited. But you can ask this prior to booking her time.

4. ‘Can I take some pictures or a video of you?’

If you want to do this, enquire – politely – when you make your booking.

Escorts have their own rules on this sort of thing and if she does allow you to take images of her, she will want final approval on them before you part ways. Let her delete anything she is uncomfortable with – no questions asked.

5. ‘You should be paying ME!’

This is not funny. Ever.

6. ‘What are your other clients like?’

An escort will respect the privacy of your encounter, so don’t expect her to spill the beans on her meetings or experiences with other clients.

7. ‘It’s your round!’

You may have booked her as a companion for dinner or drinks, but the cost of these things are your responsibility.

This is not an equal opportunities date, she will not get the drinks in or go halves on the bill.

8. ‘Can I get your real name and number?’

For safety reasons, your escort will make it clear in her ad how she prefers to be addressed and contacted.

Respect that and don’t try to make your relationship a personal, as opposed to professional one.

9. ‘I was with this one escort, who …’

Don’t discuss other escorts with her; it’s a huge sign of disrespect.

Even if you’re finding it difficult to make a conversation with the escort, you should not talk about her personal and professional life – and yours for that matter. Stick to safe topics like movies, food, music or even the weather.

10. ‘Can you look after this?’

The first concern of any escort is her safety and it should be the same for you. Don’t expect her to look after your bags etc, try to keep it professional.

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