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Our 1st Live Twitter Chat was Tweetastic!

[emc2pdc id=”279″] We hosted our first live Twitter chat on 31st July and if you missed it, then you really missed out!
We asked our fabulous followers what they think about some of the common escorting myths and stereotypes and it looks like this is an issue that lots of you (quite rightly) have an issue with.
Before the chat even began, an escort in Spain got in touch to say:

Vivastreet Twitter Chat

It’s a very entertaining read and makes some very good points, thanks for sharing!

During our live chat we asked for your views on some of the myths about the escorting profession, so in case you were too busy with a client to get online (why else would you miss it?!) here’s a quick rundown of some of your responses.

We began by asking: How or why did you enter the adult industry?

You told us that mostly, it was because you were desperate for cash, that you were forced by a pimp and that you had a drug habit that just needed funding…

AS IF?! Actually, you told us that, male or female, you did it because you were horny by nature:

That you were intrigued by it:


And that contrary to the popular stereotype of being ‘too dumb’ to find and alternative occupation, one smart cookie explained that she saw escorting as an opportunity to work for herself and earn money while studying:


Four years later she’s still doing it, maybe for our next Twitter chat the @lovelylucy222 will come back and tell us why she thinks escorting is such a great job?

After some great banter, we asked whether you think the industry treats male and female escorts differently. You said:

Despite the fact that, as gay escort @shiraz_roy explains:


At Vivastreet we don’t discriminate. Escorts of every flavour are given the same opportunities to advertise so boys, whether your clients are straight, gay or bi, don’t be afraid to up your prices – you’re worth it!

In fact, one male escort has just been described as the highest paid worker in the adult industry – male or female, can you top £4,000 a night? Like us, he too is keen to rid the profession of its stigma, he should have got involved with our chat!

We also asked you about sex; something a few of you very naughty boys and girls were happy to talk to us about in far more than 140 characters via direct messages.

Although we’re a straight-talking, pretty unshockable bunch, we’ve got our limits and those messages just aren’t printable here, but thank you, they’re like little gifts for our eyes only.

However, we can share some of the tweets about sex.

Although escorting is about companionship, sex does play a part; a slightly boastful male escort told us that:


However as another follower was keen to point out, the girlfriend or boyfriend experience is often about something more personal:

If you want to see more of the conversation from our live Twitter chat or get involved with some of the general banter then head on over to Twitter and follow us @VivaAdult_UK.

You can continue the debate about escorting stereotypes using #vivatalks, or start a brand new conversation with our other raunchy followers; there are literally hundreds of them, clients and escorts alike, so get involved!

Stay tuned for regular updates about our next live chat on Twitter, or get all the latest news right here in the After Dark adult blog.

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