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3 tips on how to sell secondhand clothes

If your closet is bursting at the seams and you need to get rid of your unwanted bits and pieces, it may be time to start selling some of your clothes. You may be wondering why anyone would want your old rubbish, however, buying secondhand clothing is on trend and you could make money both easily and quickly.

Here are 3 top tips for selling your secondhand clothes:

1. Take good photographs

The photos taken of your unwanted clothing will be the ultimate selling point. Take clear, close-up shots without a busy background in order to see the detailing. Any rips or marks should be captured as well. Take as many shots as you can from different angles so the buyer is confident with their purchase.


2. Description is everything

When selling online, you must describe your piece accurately so that customers know exactly what they are buying. If you know that your item is over 20 years old, it could be described as vintage which may make it even more sellable. Vintage fashion is highly sought after and could make you even more, money than what you originally bought it for. If it is a contemporary piece, make sure you state the brand of the item as certain brands are worth more than others. Be sure to mention sizing too.

3. The price is right

Have a good think about how much you would be happy for the item to go for and try not to go any lower, as you could get knocked down anyway. On the other hand, don’t price your item too high as it most likely won’t sell. Vintage items can be priced higher as they could be one off products, therefore if people like your item, they will more than likely pay the asking price.

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