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4 safe and thoughtful Secret Santa gift ideas

It’s that time of the year again. You’ve drawn your Secret Santa and now you’re frantically trying to think of something to buy them! To help you out, here are four rough ideas of gifts that will please anyone, and all within your likely budget of £5 to £20!

1. Health and beauty products


This is a safe choice as health and beauty products are something that most people can enjoy. Whether it’s perfume, make-up or gym and exercise equipment, you’re sure to find something that your Secret Santa will both appreciate and enjoy.

2. Tickets for an event


Who doesn’t enjoy a night out? Depending on who your Secret Santa is, they might like tickets for an event. It could be tickets for a play, musical, gig, gallery, comedy show or any other event; just be sure to tailor your choice to the person’s individual interests. This choice is both thoughtful and memorable as people often cherish experiences more than material goods.

3. Jewellery


Everybody loves a bit of bling! We’re not talking about a pair of diamond earrings or a ruby encrusted tiara either, there are many great jewelry pieces that can be purchased on a reasonable budget. Also, with vintage jewelry becoming ever more popular, it’s more than acceptable to buy jewelry second hand as a gift.

4. A massage


Massages are a great idea for a Secret Santa gift and you can find an offer for a variety of different types and to suit most budgets. Many people will appreciate this gift as it’s something that’s enjoyable, relaxing and also a little bit different. If you’re buying your Secret Santa gift for somebody who often seems a little stressed, then a massage could be just the ticket!

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