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5 tips for buying secondhand toys

As any parent knows, children outgrow things fast – and toys are no exception. Purchasing secondhand toys is a great way to save money if you know what to look for and where to look. With that in mind, we’ve decided to put together some top tips to take into account before buying second hand toys.

Check online reviews

If a particular toy has plenty of parents leaving online reviews describing the item as having fallen apart after a couple of uses, it’s probably not worth your while making the purchase.

Opt for durable, well-built toys

Things like plastic building blocks, wooden toys and solid plastic figures are built to last, and make great secondhand presents on account of their durability (plastic toys, for example, can appear good as new despite being several years old). If you’re buying for your own children, you always have the option of reselling or handing down durable toys when they’re outgrown.

Check for secondhand toys online

Don’t confine yourself to local newspaper adverts or car boot sales – broaden your horizons and search for used toys online on Vivastreet.

Safety first

If possible, search for manufacturer safety info online before committing to a purchase. Also keep an eye for the Lion Mark (which means the toy is British Toy & Hobby Association approved) and the CE Mark (which denotes the toy has been safety tested). If the toy is battery operated, inspect any images (requesting them if needs be) to ensure there has been no battery leakage around the compartment. To be 100% on the safe side, request that the seller displays photos showing the inside of the battery compartment to ensure there is no rust or other damage.

Buy toys for further down the line

So you’ve seen a bargain but your little ones aren’t old enough to use the toy yet. No problem, simply purchase it for use in six months or a year’s time.

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