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5 top gift ideas for children this Christmas

Christmas is almost here and hopefully you’ve completed most of your shopping by now. If not, or if you’re wanting to give your child an extra treat, here are five great gift ideas that can currently be found on Viva Street.

1. Kids Range Rover

Let your little ones pretend to be adults by treating them to this Range Rover HSE Electric Kids Ride in white. A pocket-sized version of the real vehicle, the kids’ car features in-car controls, parental remote and MP3 player input, meaning your son or daughter can parade around the neighbourhood like the high-roller they are!

Ideal for: Anyone who can fit into the driver’s seat!

2. Wooden Dolls’ House¬†

Even in the age of technology, sometimes traditional presents are the most well-received. Let your daughter play house with this sumptuously constructed wooden dolls’ house which comes fully furnished, with cabinets and inhabitants.

Ideal for: Girls aged 3-5

3. Remote Helicopter

Expensive drones are all the rage at the moment, but you can slowly introduce your child to the world of remote controlled flying vehicles with this superbly crafted, inexpensive remote helicopter, still in its original packaging.

Ideal for: Boys aged 7-11

4. Trampoline 

Trampolines are en vogue, thanks in no small part to the adorable John Lewis advert, featuring Buster the dog. While the cold winter months may not be ideal for bouncing in the garden, your kids will really appreciate this gift once the sun comes out and the mercury starts to rise in summer.

Ideal for: Boys and girls aged 5-16

5. Star Wars costumes

Rogue One is probably the biggest film release of 2016 and the chances are that your kids will be pestering you to take them to the cinema to see the latest addition to the Star Wars canon over the holidays. Make their Christmas truly intergalactic by ensuring one of these fantastic costumes is found under the tree on the 25th.

Ideal for: Boys and girls aged 5-14

What will your little ones be unwrapping come Christmas morning? Ensure it’s something they love by purchasing from VivaStreet, but be quick – time is running out!

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