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About Us


-Behind the scenes-

To create useful and user-friendly service, connecting individuals, businesses & communities across the globe

About Us

Founded in 2004 by “Yannick”, Vivastreet is a “Free classified ads site“! We are the fourth largest free classified ads website in the world. Our aim is to create a useful and user-friendly service connecting individuals, businesses & communities across the globe. We operate across the most of the globe (Europe, Latin America, North America, North Africa).

Vivastreet UK is the UK’s second largest classifieds site, covering the whole breadth of this glorious nation. We are expanding our efforts into social media, on Twitter & Facebook with over 10,000 Facebook followers we continue to grow and improve. We’ve come a long way from being just a desktop site to having half our visitors now coming from their mobiles & tablets. Being able to view and advertise quick and efficiently.

We’d like to thank the Vivastreet community for getting us to where we are, and hopefully in the future to number 1. To keep achieving more each day…


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