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Advanced Etiquette Tips for First Class Clients

Welcome to the Vivastreet After Dark adult blog. If you’re here then it means you care about being a good client enough to look beyond the ads and do a little research. Well done, you are already in our good books!

We’ve been providing tips, advice and information to clients for a while now, most of which have focussed on general dating advice for newbies.

If that’s what you’re looking for then you might find our popular guides on Things You Should Never Ask an Escort, How to Avoid Making Emotional Attachments, How to Get What You Want from an Escort and the Best Places to Take One on a Date in London useful reading.

This guide is aimed at those of you who’ve already been enjoying the company of escorts and want to know what you can do to make the experience even more pleasurable. Getting a first class escort service means behaving like a first class client and these tips will help you do just that:

Understand What an Escort Does

If you’ve already been enjoying time with escorts then you probably know what kind of personal service they can provide you with, but if you want to impress then you need to recognise and appreciate not only the practicalities of that service, but the business skills that quality escorts possess too.

There are lots of stereotypes about women who work as escorts, but few of them acknowledge their business acumen. Many are incredibly smart, efficient and savvy. They manage their own marketing, their financial accounts and their image and develop positive relationships with people from all walks of life.

First class clients show that they understand and value these skills by treating their escort like any other professional they’d do business with; as an equal. Never treat your escort like an employee.

Be Polished

There’s clean and tidy and then there’s polished and first class clients are always the latter. Not only does it show that you take pride in yourself, it shows that you care enough about your escort to make the effort; that’s right – show you care.

Some clients worry that caring about their escort signifies deeper feelings or that by showing they care, they’re sending out the wrong signals.

Rest assured that unlike any other man or woman you might take out for dinner, your escort won’t confuse the fact that you’ve shaved, pressed your suit, matched your socks or flossed your teeth with the behaviours of someone who is in love with them.

They will have no romantic aspirations or expectations of you so it’s safe to just relax and be a good guy. Your escort will appreciate you going that extra mile so treat yourself and get a manicure, polish your shoes and wear a quality aftershave.

Also, if you smoke, ask your escort if they’d prefer it if you didn’t and if that’s the case, refrain for at least an hour before your appointment; smoker’s breath to a non-smoker is real turn-off.

Be a turn-on!

Anyone who provides an adult service will make sure that you are satisfied, but if you have much experience of intimacy then you’ll know the difference between being satisfied and being absolutely sated and making the effort to turn your escort on will help you get that feeling.

Talking honestly about a fantasy is OK, talking to your escort like a sexual object is not. Treat her like a real woman that you want to please and not a sexual commodity, pay her compliments and you’re far more likely to really enjoy yourself.

Be Original

London is a fantastic city with no shortage of attractions but your escort has probably been to the vast majority of them.

If you want to impress her and be a truly great, memorable client then take her on a date somewhere off the beaten track. If you need tips, ask her, it’s a nice gentlemanly touch to let her decide where you spend your time together.

If, for example, you book a North London escort, pay a little extra, book her for a longer amount of time to allow for travel and head out of the city to enjoy a date in the countryside or towns beyond the Capital.

Be Generous

You’re probably paying your escort a fair sum of money for her company, but so is every other client she sees and if you want to secure the very best service and be given special treatment then surprise her with the occasional gift and treat her like a lady.

With an escort, you get to be romantic, spontaneous and demonstrative without fear that your actions will lead to expectations of an introduction to your parents or a trip down the aisle so enjoy it!

Being generous with your cash and your kindness shows you appreciate the time your escort makes in her schedule for you and that you see her as far more than just a paid service.

Show Absolute Respect

Following all of these etiquette rules will ultimately show your escort that you respect her and if you do that, you’ll get a reputation for being a first class client that deserves a deeply satisfying first class service.

You might book a ‘busty London escort’ but there is a real woman attached to those breasts so be respectful and pay attention to the rest of her too!

Say Thank You

If at the end of a session with an escort you have an irrepressible smile on your face then you’ll probably want to secure a follow-up booking, but don’t try to make another appointment while still in her company, this puts her in an awkward position if for some reason she hasn’t enjoyed the experience as much as you.

Instead, follow up your session with a call or text the following day to say thank you. It shows you to be a gentleman and will increase your chances of being accepted and given the VIP treatment next time.

You can find more advice and information about being a great client here in the Vivastreet After Dark adult blog, or chat directly with the network of escorts currently following us over on Twitter @VivaAdult_UK.

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