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Am I Too Old To Be An Escort?

If you look at the online adverts for escorts – particularly the agency websites – you could be forgiven for thinking that escorts have to be slender, pretty young things in their early twenties. Well, that is not true at all

It’s not unusual for a woman of a certain age, having gotten her children through school or perhaps finding herself divorced or made redundant a bit late in life, to wonder if she couldn’t have a go at earning a living from escorting.  By middle age, many women are comfortable in their skin and have fewer romantic ideals about sex. This attitude towards sex is a huge part of the appeal for mature escorts. As many a MILF enthusiast will tell you, older women are sexy and have enough confidence to be amazing lovers.

I don’t mean to say that there isn’t a greater demand for young escorts – of course there is. But there are also a great many more young escorts. With the right marketing – well-written adverts with good photos – a mature escort can be just as busy as the 25-year-olds. The reason for this is that there are so many 25-year-olds, many of them struggling to set themselves apart from one another. If you are the only 45-year-old in a sea of 25-year-olds, you can expect to be busy.  Many a time I have toured London and been rushed off my feet while younger girls I know moan that they’re not getting bookings because “London is just too saturated with escorts these days.” It’s true – London is saturated! And what you need to make it is to stand out in some way. Being older than the others is a great way to stand out.

There are some distinct advantages to being a mature escort. In addition to standing out from the throng of escorts advertising their services, being older means you get a little less flack. Just as I get harassed on the street less frequently than when I was in my twenties, I am less likely to be subject to disrespectful behaviour in bookings. Jerks and boundary pushers are more likely to seek out someone they perceive as weak, which usually means someone less mature. And when a client does cross the line, usually all it takes is that look – the one I used on my children when they were young – to put them in their place. And if I say, “No, I don’t like that” to a client they know that I mean business and don’t push their luck. This is because mature women have gravitas.

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There may be some disadvantages to being older. Mature escorts are popular with clients because they expect us to deliver a more enthusiastic, professional service. We know what we like. We know what we’re good at. We’ve already experimented with a variety of things and have learned a few tricks the younger girls haven’t. So long as we uphold that end of the bargain, we should do well. But I believe that a very pretty young woman can get away with offering a less-than-stellar service. Frankly, I believe clients will be grateful to have sex with her while she smiles politely, so long as she’s young and gorgeous. So, the mature escort has to up her game a bit. A young “girl-next-door” can look delectably sexy wearing nothing but cotton knickers and a t-shirt. At my age, I feel I need to go the whole way with stockings, suspenders, and lingerie. I try to be immaculately groomed and my incall flat is very nice. The expectations are higher for us.

While our culture idolizes youth and we have a cult of the perfect slender young body, men as a group are not as narrow in their tastes as the media would have you believe. Many men want to be with a woman who feels real to them, and things like a bit of a tummy and stretch marks are part of that appeal.

It’s one thing to say “be comfortable in your own skin – love your body!” and another thing to actually do it. It’s tempting to cover our bellies with basques for all of our photos and perhaps even leave them on during bookings. But I believe it’s better to just bite the bullet and be ourselves (in stockings and lingerie, of course.)

It is also tempting to lie about our ages. To shave five or ten (or more) years off is so common that you may wish to do the same. Well, I used to do that when I started out and I can tell you that there’s nothing more humiliating than having a client walk through the door, look you up and down, and say, “I’m sorry, but I won’t be staying.” I now state my true age and use only the most honest photos. Just this afternoon I had a wonderful booking with a client who said that he picked me because my profile was “so honest.” Obviously, how could he know that I was honest in my profile? It just happened that I was being honest. But I stood out from a sea of impossibly sexy twenty-somethings because I said that I was in my 40’s, I have photos that show my tummy, and I don’t promise to be the sexiest, hottest, most amazing girl in the world.

I intend to do this for quite a few years, yet. I know escorts in their fifties who are still earning good livings. I even know a girl in her sixties who is doing well. She’s beautiful and vibrant and there are plenty of men who want to try a GILF.

So, no – you are NOT too old to be an escort. Just be sure to market yourself well and carry yourself with composure and pride.

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