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Advanced Etiquette Tips for First Class Clients

Welcome to the Vivastreet After Dark adult blog. If you’re here then it means you care about being a good client enough to look beyond the ads and do a little research. Well done, you are already in our good books! We’ve been providing tips, advice and information to clients …

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Swingers UK: Swinging Makes it to Mainstream on Vice

Most of the time, the swinging lifestyle is considered to be a fringe hobby performed by some fairly kinky people, but it is becoming more and more a part of the mainstream consciousness. This is only proven by the fact that mainstream publication; Vice has published an article that includes …

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Married Swinger Couple Writes Tell All Book

Christy and Mark Kidd are swingers, and have been ever since New Years in 2005 when they took an adventurous step into the unknown. They didn’t necessarily know the New Years event they bought a ticket to was going to be a sex party, as they just found out about …

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Swingers Agree They’re More Likely to Stay Married

The swinging lifestyle might be associated with lots of sexual fun, but most swingers agree that swingers are actually more likely to stay married for longer than those couples who don’t engage in consensual non-monogamy, as if you needed another argument in favour of the swinging lifestyle. While swinging is …

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Swinging: A Lifestyle Choice Or A Biological Imperative?

When you’re in a committed relationship, everyone knows it’s not common for the eye to stray. There are tons of attractive people in the world, and it can be fun to browse, but for most people in relationships, that’s where the extramarital excursions end. However, one lifestyle brings to light …

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7 Occasions Where an Escort Makes the Perfect Companion

Have an occasion to attend and no-one to go with? Have an escort to take out and no event to go to?! No problem, here are just 7 occasions where an escort makes an excellent companion: Wedding No-one wants to go to a wedding – a haven for smoochy couples …

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Why Should You Register as an Escort with Vivastreet?

There are several options for advertising your services as an escort, but the most successful way to attract and secure safe bookings is to use a reputable online escort provider like Vivastreet. There are a number of advantages to advertising as an escort using our online service: • Unlike ads in …

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What is BDSM?

What is BDSM

50 Shades of BDSM Let’s cover the basics. What does BDSM stand for? Bondage, Domination, Submission and Masochism. Bondage is being tied up or restrained. Domination is having control or power over someone. Submission is the act of accepting or yielding to someone else. Masochism is deriving pleasure from inflicting …

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How Much Should I Charge If you are new as an escort ?

If you are new to escorting, you may not be sure how much money to charge for your time and services. Or, you may have been escorting for a while but wondering if perhaps your prices should go up or down for whatever reason. Selecting a price point is a …

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A cheap escort doesn’t mean a bad punt

cheap london escorts

London, the city of choices. Especially when it comes to finding a cheap escort to play with. Nowadays men (or women) are spoiled for choice when it comes to finding any calibre of escort. Sure, there are the high-end £2,000 a night girls and that’s fine if you’re a footballer …

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