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Be Intoxicating, Not Intoxicated: 6 Tips for Staying Sober on a Date

Having a drink with your client can help break the ice and put them at ease, but too much of a good thing can cause you all sorts of trouble.

Too much booze will impair your judgement and your decision-making and in the worst case scenario, make you totally embarrass yourself or quite seriously, put you at risk of being ripped off, abused or assaulted.

As one of our Twitter followers so wisely puts it:

Twitter post

Well said!

Drinks are often the first contact you’ll have with a client and the respectful, ground-rules of your relationship are established there.

The following tips will help you strike the right balance with booze and earn you a reputation as a confident, sociable and relaxing companion, not a tipsy mess.

1. Know your own limits

We’ve all got different tolerance levels for booze so be honest about what yours is. If you’re not sure, ask your friends. Good ones will tell you if what you think is charming and chatty actually makes you come across as an annoying, rambling alky.

Even if you think you can drink lots without feeling the effects, remember that no client wants a date with someone who can drink them under the table (it’s an ego thing) cost them a fortune (no-one likes to be taken advantage of) or smell like a drip tray (because that’s just gross).

If you have a low tolerance for alcohol then don’t drink. You can lie or pretend that your lemonade with a slice is a gin and tonic, but the bottom line is this: if your client has an issue with your sobriety then it’s time they find themselves a new escort.

2. Prepare Yourself

Alcohol might help you relax but don’t drink before you meet your client. And, if you’re not meeting them for dinner then eat before you head out. Your body copes better with booze on a full stomach.

3. Choose Your Drink Wisely

What you drink says something about you so choose your first drink wisely and stick to it. Mixing your drinks has unpredictable effects; you could feel just perfect after a glass of wine, but one whisky chaser later, a bit too vomity. Don’t do it.

Your date, possibly without even realizing it will expect you to be feminine, so pints of real ale or neat spirits are unlikely to impress. If you do drink spirits, request them in a tall glass with plenty of mixers and if you drink white wine, make it a spritzer.

4. Manage Your Own Drinks

It’s fine to let a client order and pay for your drink. It’s not OK to let them fetch it or decide what you’re having. Remember that not every client is nice and you’re more at risk of having your drink spiked if you don’t keep an eye on it.

5. Avoid the Big Hitters

They’re fun with friends but shots or cocktails are best avoided with clients.

6. Keep Track

If you don’t know how many drinks you’ve had, then you’ve already had too many.

Take your time over each glass and savour it. If you drink slowly, you’ll be more aware of that lovely, tipsy feeling kicking in and know that it’s time to slow down or better yet, switch to water.

Working as a safe and successful escort means knowing how to behave, even if your client doesn’t. Like our Twitter follower said, it’s about respect. Handle your booze properly and you’ll get it.

If you’ve got any more tips on how to manage drinks or anything else on date, then feel free to share them with the After Dark community in the comments below or with our followers over on Twitter.

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