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Boost Your Escorting Income with Professional Massage Skills

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Man having back massage in the spa salon

Already work as an escort but want to boost your income? Then learn the art of massage.

By combining your skills as a companion with the ability to put your clients at ease with some basic massage techniques, you can legitimately charge a higher fee for your time.

You can learn the basics from tutorials online, but to be credible and truly skilled it’s worth taking a course with a training provider. Your local college is usually a great place to enrol or find out more information.

There are lots of different massage techniques so here’s the lowdown on the most popular types for you to consider:

Indian Head Massage

This massage is a great ice-breaker. It doesn’t require any particular equipment; a regular chair and a quiet space is enough.

But for the wow factor, try using a bean bag to make your client really comfortable and a few drops of oil to soothe the scalp and condition their hair while you’re at it.

While your client tells you about their day or just shuts their eyes to recover from it in silence for ten minutes, you can perform this relaxing scalp, neck and face massage and by the time you’re done, they will be de-stressed and ready to just enjoy your company.

The London School of Massage runs a course which lasts three days and is followed up by an exam.

The Swedish Massage

This is the regular kind of rub down that most people are familiar with.

It involves using oils as a lubricant to massage the skin with long, smooth strokes of the hand or using the knuckles to gently knead sore muscles. Usually it focusses on the back and shoulder muscles but is great for weary arms and legs too.

It’s easy to learn and courses run across the country. Check out the options at your local college; some have entry requirements and some are for complete beginners but almost all can be completed full or part-time and earn you a recognised Level III Qualification.

To complement this, you could take a further course in aromatherapy massage and satisfy your clients with heavenly scents designed to soothe, refresh or energise their frazzled bodies and minds.


This is the ultimate form of foot massage. It derives from China and involves manipulating different pressure points in the feet that are thought to correspond to various parts of the body.

Unlike most forms of massage which focus on muscles, joints and tendons, reflexology deals with the stomach, lungs, heart, and basically any other body part your hard-working hands can’t reach.

The Association of Reflexology (AoR) provides a list of recommended training providers and once you’re qualified, you can register with them as a professional.

Those are just a few examples of popular types of massage you can learn. Do some research to find a technique that suits you, there are several others including Deep Tissue, Thai, Hot Stone, Lymphatic and even Tantrics.

Try specialising in one or two and you’ll quickly see your client base, and more importantly your earnings, grow.

To find out more, check out the Vivastreet Guide to Becoming a Freelance Masseuse for useful tips on how to set yourself up in business

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