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Buy or Sell: List of products you want to sell as you don't want them
Sell Unwanted Products on Vivastreet

Buy or sell anything

Winter clothes to sellBuy or Sell: You Decide?

Buy or Sell! Is there stuff in your home that you don’t want? Maybe a bicycle in the garden lying on the grass rusting away, or clothes that you have outgrown and want to give away for some quick cash –  go to Vivastreet to sell unwanted products and clear up your home!

You can buy or sell anything on Vivastreet. From properties to vehicles, to a bicycle to an old pair of shoes.  And it won’t cost you anything for a basic advert. All the unwanted presents that you received at Christmas or unwanted gifts that are gathering dust in the cupboard/closet. We have space for them at Vivastreet.

All you Need!

All you need to do is create a free account on the website then post your first ad.

Choose which category your ad is going in,  write the title and description and it helps if you post a picture or two as well.

That simple!

If you have any difficulty posting, creating or adding to an advert get in touch with our Customer Service team and they are willing to help get you first advert up there!

Get started, now click here.


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