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Calls from Undesirables and Timewasters

A well-written advert on Vivastreet should generate a lot of calls. This is fantastic, but we all know that not all of these calls will lead to bookings. It’s an unfortunate fact that many calls will be from men you don’t wish to meet or from men who don’t actually intend to show up and spend money.

It can be frustrating to put time into composing a clear advertisement only to get calls from men who want services you don’t offer. I specify that I finish by 9pm and will only do outcalls to hotels but that doesn’t stop men from asking me to drive fifty miles at midnight to their homes.

There are the men who simply turn us off. I reject callers who sound drunk, or are rude and use crude language. I won’t see men who have such broken English that I struggle to understand them. I hate being called babe so I ignore texts that say, Hey babe, you working? There’s no real logic to this: one of my friends honestly doesn’t mind being called babe and says that they are no worse clients than anyone else. However, try as I might, I can’t get over my revulsion and so that is that for me. I don’t care what race a man is but I know girls who won’t see black or Asian men and I don’t think they can force themselves to feel differently. While some of our limits may be arbitrary, I think it is always best to trust your gut. If you feel apprehensive about a booking, then you should not do it.

Some escorts get very frustrated with men who call and ask questions that are answered in their adverts. It is annoying, but I remember what an older working girl told me about the days of having to advertise in newspapers. They could only put about three lines of coy text hinting about what was on offer and no prices were specified. So when men called they had to have a spiel. I’m a petite busty blonde, a size 8 with 34DD bra. I do do full service for X pounds a half hour and Y pounds a full hour. They had to do all of this with every call, so she simply developed patience for it. While I do believe the best clients are the ones who take the time to read every word before calling, the truth is Vivastreet’s mobile site displays our adds with our photos on top, and then the phone number to call. They’re encouraged to just ring and when they’re thinking with their little heads, that is what some of them will do. Just try to have a quick spiel for those guys who call and ask Could you tell me a bit about your services, please?

Then there is the Time Waster: the man who calls with no intention of ever showing up to a booking with you. He may simply want to keep you on the phone talking, or he might enjoy the thrill of making bookings and not showing up. Some are just making prank calls and want to wind us up.

Red Flags: Signs that You Should Get Off the Phone:

timewaster call

Over time, you will learn these yourself but if you are new then you may benefit from the experience of myself and other escorts who have been screening calls for years. Here are some of the things time-wasters and boundary-pushers will say.

I’m looking for a regular arrangement

I’ve never seen a guy who said this twice. The reason they say it is that they’re hoping you’ll give them extra-good service because you’ll be thinking of them as a future regular. I may see men who say this but I ignore all talk about future bookings. To be honest, most of them are guys I don’t want to see, anyway, as their idea of extra-good service often includes things that you don’t do, a discount, or giving extra time for free.

Can I just ask you a quick question, please?

Brace yourself, because you’re about to get your time wasted. The quick question will be something stupid about something you don’t do and there will invariably be further questions.

I’m a genuine guy/I’m not a timewaster

These guys are pretty much guaranteed to be timewasters!

Describing how big (or small) their penis is

I have seen some massive schlongs in my life, as well as quite a few micropenises. Not one of them warned me in advance. If you are asked if you can handle a nine-inch cock, don’t worry “ you won’t have to as he will never show up. Same goes for guys who ask if it’s OK that they have a two-inch cock. Any mention of cock size = timewaster. Every time.

Offering an outrageous sum of money

If someone calls and says I’ve got a thousand pounds for you here, darling this is not a good thing. Why would they offer more money than you’re asking? This is just weird and you shouldn’t be tempted. They probably assume that you are so blinded by greed that you’ll go along with whatever crazy thing they suggest. Don’t fall for it.

Any attempt to wheedle or convince you to change your mind

This could be seeing them a bit later than you normally work or squeezing them in when you’ve got another booking in an hour. Once you’ve said, I’m sorry, I can’t that should be the end of it. Do you really want to be alone with a man who won’t take no for an answer?

Are you working alone? What a creepy question!

They may genuinely want to know that they won’t run into anyone else in your flat but they may be looking to show up and rob you. I always tell them that I have security there and that I’m booked up for the evening.

What’s your last booking slot for the evening?

Perhaps they are hoping to come and rob you of your day’s takings. They should only need to ask if you are available at the time they want.

Having identified an undesirable, you need to save your precious emotional energy and disengage as quickly as possible. I believe it pays to be polite but firm. Polite because you don’t want to antagonise a nutter. By definition, time-wasters have plenty of time on their hands and they may decide to devote some of it to harassing you. Rejecting an unsavory sort in a way that injures his pride may inspire him to stalk you or worse. You want to get rid of this man as quickly and painlessly as possible and politeness smooths the process. If I don’t want to see a rude jerk I don’t tell him it’s because he’s a rude jerk.

I just tell him that I am all booked up for the evening. Then I block his number and avoid him in the future. Sometimes I will very sweetly tell them that I really don’t think I’m the right girl for them. It’s a lot of money and I’d hate to see you disappointed. I hope you find someone fun to play with today!

If they are being deliberately obnoxious and trying to wind you up, don’t give them the satisfaction of replying in anger. Remember: you are not getting paid to argue or send angry texts. When you engage with these creeps on their level you are wasting precious emotional energy that would be better spent on lovely clients. Also, you may just start a war with an angry weirdo who will continue to harass you for weeks or months. Get out quick and get out clean and then block the number.

With time, you will learn to identify all sorts of little things that mean you shouldn’t accept a booking. You may at times wonder if you are being too picky. The truth is, we very likely are passing up perfectly good money but when you think of the stakes, there is no alternative.

Trust your gut and never second-guess yourself.

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