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Five tips to help you create a winning car sales advert

With a competitive second hand car UK market, you’ll need to create an eye-catching advert if you want to sell your car quickly and for the best price. Here are five tips to help you achieve this: Precise details People looking to buy a second hand car want the hard …

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The advantages of flatsharing

There are many advantages to flatsharing, especially in expensive cities like London. But if you’re still not convinced, check out our top five reasons to flatshare. 1. Save money The main advantage of flatsharing is the financial savings involved. The cost of renting and running a house can be extremely …

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Taking up a new hobby?

Have you often thought about pursuing your life-long dream of learning to play a musical instrument, but are unsure whether you have the patience or the time? Contrary to what you may believe, it’s never too late to start learning, and there are numerous benefits to learning to play a …

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Summer essentials and extravagances for your garden

There is no better place to enjoy the kinder British climate than from your spring garden, where you can enjoy easy access to the fridge, entertain guests, play your own music, and perhaps most importantly – you haven’t got far to run when the downpour inevitably arrives. Here at Vivastreet …

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Thinking of buying a pet?

Before we proceed, please allow us to persuade you to adopt an animal and give it a new home. We have a few on Vivastreet waiting to be adopted. You can also check RSPCA website to adopt a pet. If you are still thinking of buying a pet, buy your …

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Essentials for your new home

Moving home can be a whole world of hassle. Remembering to change your address for your bank, home services and bills; moving all your belongings; getting yourself acquainted with your local amenities – all this means time spent arranging things and adjusting. This is magnified in the case of unfurnished …

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Fancy some sun? Did you know Vivastreet has a holiday rental section?

holiday rental

Did you know Vivastreet has a holiday rental section? Well you do now! And the best bit? There’s some real bargains to be had. How about a villa in France for £150 that sleeps two? Ideal for a romantic getaway.   What about an apartment in Mallorca to grab some …

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Keep Your Bicycle Safe

Everyone who owns a bike undoubtedly loves their bike and it hurts to lose the love of your life. It might all sound very dramatic but around 20,000 bikes are stolen just from Greater London each year*. We found a very helpful post on lfgss.com forum about how to protect …

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Buy and Sell Safety Tips

The likelihood of anything negative happening to you when purchasing and selling an item is considered minimal but it’s always best to act with caution for a safe and successful experience with Vivastreet. To ensure your safety, we recommend following our safety tips and advice listed here: Buying Safely Meet …

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Find your next employee on Vivastreet

post your job ad on vivastreet

Using recruitment agencies, or job websites can be expensive and time consuming for a boss. Find your next employee on Vivastreet: These days, you spend as much time being sold to by the agency as you do interviewing the staff. Here’s a pro tip for you. Just do it yourself. You …

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