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Buy or Sell: List of products you want to sell as you don't want them

Buy or Sell: You Decide? Buy or Sell! Is there stuff in your home that you don’t want? Maybe a bicycle in the garden lying on the grass rusting away, or clothes that you have outgrown and want to give away for some quick cash –  go to Vivastreet to …

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Recycle Your Bicycle

Green life has become a common expression nowadays. Bicycle is not only one of the most environmental means to get around, but its parts can be turned into brand new products that make the bikes even more eco-chic. Cyclists take things one step further and not only decrease their carbon …

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Upcycling is the new big thing. Converting things people were going to throw away into useful, cool or beautiful objects. If you’re at all creative, you’ll find loads of things people no longer want on vivastreet.co.uk and you’ll be able to get your mitts on loads of stuff for your …

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