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Christmas gift ideas

Santa Carrying Shopping Bags

Short on time and ideas for Christmas gifts this year?  Hate Crowds? It’s surprising how effectively every shops and stores turns the Christmas season into hell. No one really likes enduring this painful annual ritual. To make life easy for everyone, we pulled a list together that cannot fail. All you need to do is to pull up a seat and get your holiday shopping done the right way on Vivastreet.

Gifts for Her

Buying Christmas gifts for her might sound easy but sometimes having too many options does not help you to make your decision. Here are few items we think you should look for:

# Jewellery

Be it earrings or necklace, bracelets or rings, women love jewellery. See the sparkle in her eyes this Christmas. We have quite a few on Vivastreet.

Gift for her 1

# Day Spa Experience

How about a day in a Spa! Some scented candles, soothing aroma and a relaxing massage. Christmas cannot get any better.

Gift for her 3

# Nails/Make up

If you’re not sure about what nail colour she’ll like then why not book her some time at the nail salon. Get some gorgeous nails this season. Tip : Grey, Red and Sparkle nail colours can’t go wrong


# Leather Bag

Choose from gorgeous leather bags gifts to vintage style leather satchels. Perfect Christmas that will go a long way.



Gifts for him

Finding a special something for the men in your life can be a challenge. Here is our Christmas list for all the sports fanatics the gadget obsessed men!

# Sunglasses

We know it’s a bit grey outside but a good pair of sunglasses is great for both Sun and Snow.

Gift for him 1

# Tie Cufflinks Set

How about tie cufflinks set for him to use in every special occasions? Tips: Choose tie cuffuinks set wisely and go dark with subtle flashes of colour, if any at all, and to delicately use patterns and stripes.


# Watch

It’s time to show him your appreciation with a proper timepiece. Why not check our watch section on Vivastreet?

Gift for him 3-1

# Laptop

A model that can cope with day-to-day tasks or powerful laptop that can run through more demanding tasks such as editing film or playing advanced games? If you can figure out what type of laptop he needs, his Christmas cannot be better!

Gift for him 4

# Bicycle

Looking for the perfect gift for a self-confessed cycling guy this Christmas? A good starting point to thinking about what kind of bicycles does he need.

Gift for him 5

Gifts for kids

Choosing great gifts for kids can be tricky. But here we’ve taken the guesswork with the 5 great picks to make your little ones happier in x’mas season. You can save time by shopping for these gifts on Vivastreet.

# Scooter

From push-along scooters to electronic scooters, there are plenty of super fun scooters to choose from which will keep your kids amused in Christmas season!

Gift for kids 1

# Lego

Lego is engaged, playful and industrious. Get one for your kids to have fun time during Christmas time.

 Gift for kids 2

# DVD Game Scene it

Want to have fun with your kids this Christmas? You can enjoy movie clips from great films and race around the board to win! A  good trivia game is perfect for Christmas season.

Gift for kids 3

# Playhouse

If you have a little girl in your family, she will definitely love this Christmas present. Why not check our playhouse section to get inspired?

Gift for kids 5

# Game consoles

Game consoles will be the perfect gifts to your little boys! Play Station 4 or Xbox One?Indulge with your loved ones this Christmas!

Gift for kids 4


Watch this space for more Christmas related articles. Feel free to drop a comment below, we’d love to hear from you. If we managed to give your some cool ideas of Christmas gifts then please check out our buy and sell section and see what you can find: http://buy.vivastreet.co.uk/sell

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