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Considering Touring? Change your location on Vivastreet

You may have noticed that Vivastreet offers the option to change your location on your advertisements. While this isn’t useful to escorts who always work in one location, there are quite a few escorts who tour around the country. Some escorts take the occasional trip to another city while others are always on the move, rarely staying in one place for very long.

Reasons for touring vary but include


Some escorts prefer to avoid ever being recognised by a client. Even if they don’t show their faces in their adverts, the thought of someone they know showing up at the door is enough to make them want to work away from home. If your “cover story” involves a job that requires travel, it can explain frequent business trips away.

More Money

Escorts who live in small or non-affluent communities often find it beneficial to go work in densely-populated areas. The entire Greater London region, and its commuter belt has a higher number of potential clients with a greater amount of disposable income. It’s also a fact that being a new face in town means being busier as most clients are keen on novelty and variety. While you should be able to build up a good base of regulars wherever you are, not all clients want a regular girl and so the initial flurry of interest eventually tapers off. Being new in town will always get the phone ringing. The final factor that can make touring lucrative is the focus: I find it much easier to remain motivated and if I am on tour. I know that I’ve paid X amount for my hotel and train and I have a goal to clear a particular profit and it’s so much easier to do when I’m sat in a hotel room, not being distracted by friends and family.

Change of Scenery

I’ve lived in the UK for ten years and I’m still a tourist at heart. As long as there remain places I haven’t visited, I am interested in going to check them out. Mixing business with site-seeing is a fun way to work.

Avoiding Lulls Due to Holidays

Scottish and English schools go on breaks at different times. Since midterms and summer holidays are quiet times for escorts, it makes sense for me to go up to Scotland when things are still “business as usual” for them. The reverse would be true for an escort based in Scotland.

There are some disadvantages to touring. Among them are

Poor diet

Unless you stay in serviced apartments or a self-catering flat, you may struggle to eat well on tour. I’ve stayed in hotels with nothing to eat in walking distance other than what is being served by the hotel, itself. Sometimes you can walk to a small convenience shop and stockpile some sandwiches and fruit, but it’s still not the same as what you can have at home. Add to that being sat in your room for most hours of the day and you might find it has an impact on your waistline.

Timewasters and Troublemakers

Being new in town means catching the eye of new clients but it also means catching the eye of all the local twats who prey on newbies. All of the local girls have long since blocked their numbers and so they’re going to call you. Occasionally you may also encounter someone being territorial – whether this is another escort or their pimp. I recently visited Reading and the entire time I was there someone continuously dialled me from a withheld number. It didn’t affect my business as my phone blocks withheld numbers, but I could see it when I looked at my blocked call log. A friend of mine also in Reading was driven to distraction and struggled to work as her phone couldn’t block withheld numbers. Her phone rang every minute for several hours at a time. We assume that someone wanted to run us off their patch. This is very rare but it happens.

Possible Loss of Money

If you pay for a hotel and they don’t make enough money to even cover your costs it can be extremely frustrating. That hasn’t happened to me, but there have been tours where I would have made more just working from my home base.

Getting Chucked Out of a Hotel

This hasn’t happened to me (I’m knocking on wood!) but it can happen. Hotels are not generally happy to know there is an escort conducting business on their premises and if they discover it they will kick you out. Whether you get a refund on unused nights – or maybe even being charged a so-called damages fee! – often depend on the whims of management.

Here are some things I do to try and minimize the potential for these problems

escort vivastreet

First, I try to make sure that wherever I go the accommodation I stay in is “workable.” I like working in hotels because I feel safer and I like knowing there’s an endless supply of fresh towels nearby. But it’s important to choose the right hotels. A workable hotel is large, busy, and doesn’t require keycards to get from the lobby to the room. Large and busy lobbies are important because that way clients can come and go unnoticed. A small hotel with an intimate lobby means that employees are going to notice the men walking in and then walking out thirty to sixty minutes later. Having very little else to do, they may take an interest in what is going on. The best hotels have restaurants, bars, spas, health clubs and conference centres so that people are coming and going in all directions all day.

How do you find out if a hotel is good to work from if you’ve never been there before? Well, you can study their profile carefully on a site like Trip Advisor. Look to see if it has a large number of rooms. Look for pool and health club or meeting rooms. Look at photos of the lobby – does it look large? Read reviews to see if there are helpful clues in them. Finally, you can always call and ask if a hotel is keycard. You can pretend to be a nervous tourist who wants to know what sort of security is there.

I try to be somewhat discreet in my own behaviour. I dress plainly when I am in the public areas of the hotel. I don’t smoke so I’m not walking outside to smoke between each booking. If you smoke, you may want to consider using an e-cig to get you through between close-together bookings. Whatever you do, don’t smoke in the room. Even with the window open. Nonsmokers WILL smell it and they WILL complain. And then you may be slapped with a fine for damages as you’re being chucked out. I usually ask for housekeeping to not clean my room but when I do have them in, I make sure to hide all evidence: no lingerie, sex toys, condoms, lube on view. I am also careful to dispose of condoms and wrappers myself rather than leave them for the maids to find in the bin.

Second, I brace myself for the inevitable onslaught of timewasters in any new location. I prefer to change my postcode location as early as possible – up to a day in advance – so that I can get all those calls out of the way and block those numbers. Vivastreet will put your advert into moderation if you edit it but if you call their customer service number they will publish it right away for you. This is helpful if you’re moving quickly from one place to another.

I have left hotels early when a tour wasn’t going very well. It’s helpful to know the terms and conditions of your reservation. The lowest rates are non-refundable so only go for those if you are certain you are going and you don’t mind the possibility of losing out should you fall ill or have to go home early.

Some escorts when they tour primarily work from serviced apartments or self-catered flats. These will be advertised on the usual booking sites as well as AirBnB. You want to try and find out if there is a concierge watching the lobby. The ideal flat is one you can buzz people into. Don’t be afraid to ask about these things – citing concerns for your security. Two-bedroom flats can be great if you want to tour with a friend. In my personal opinion, you should only use professional self-catering or serviced apartments. Using someone’s private home advertised on Air BnB is a shitty thing to do.

You can be incredibly busy on tour. There have been days in London where I had to just turn off my phone and go eat something in a hurry when my blood sugar got too low to function. Try and make sure that you give yourself a bit of time to unwind. I’ve given myself entire afternoons to visit local attractions. If I’m in a nice area I may go for a long walk or a run in the morning. Get out of the room and get some fresh air. Keep some simple snacks like fruit in your hotel room for busy times when you can’t get out to eat properly.

Touring can be a lot of fun and if you try it you may just catch the touring bug!

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