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How to set the mood for a booking

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Even the elite, most busty London escorts, will need to set the mood for clients. The best way to do this is to make sure that the room ambience is right, so that even the most nervous first-timers will be reassured.

Getting your client in the mood, and making sure that they are having a good time, means that they are much more likely to come back for more at a later date.

So take a look at the following top tips and really set the mood for your date!


Lighting can really set the mood in a room. A few lamps placed strategically around will be the best for your clients, although of course it just depends on what they want.

Some escorts like to use scarfs on top of lamps for a really “soft” light… we really wouldn’t recommend this as it is a potential fire hazard!

Dita von Teese, world famous burlesque star, is a fan of pink lighting on her own shows. She claims that this hue can get rid of cellulite, and will make you look much softer.

Another great option is investing on dimmer switches, so the client themselves can choose the exact shade that they want.


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Candles can be really good for setting the mood, and making your bedroom smell delicious.

Just be aware of safety, if you are drinking alcohol then don’t forget about them, and never leave them unattended! Once you get down to business with the client you might want to blow them out, just in case either one of you gets distracted or forgets about them.

Also if you have a pet, especially cats, you should shut them out of the room (you might want to do this anyway to keep the mood romantic).

Some escorts prefer to invest in rechargeable “fake “candles which are often much safer than their flamed counterparts.


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Nothing quite sets the mood like music, but choose wisely so you don’t end up killing the mood.

Something mellow is always good. Reggae, indie, soft rock music – I usually tend to stay away from ballads. google translate There’s nothing worse than trying to keep your client from getting emotionally attached, with Whitney Houston crooning “I Will Always Love You” from the stereo.

And make sure that you don’t just leave the radio on, as this really isn’t a good idea to keep the mood going. The commercial breaks are pretty common, and nothing quite kills the mood like an advert for “Reclaiming your PPI”!

Make yourself comfortable

Invest in a soft bed, or buy a beanbag, just somewhere to relax, to chill out and be comfortable. Even just some lovely throws will allow you to keep your furniture clean but make the room look cosy at the same time.

Massages are another great option if you are looking to make your client comfortable. If you become an expert at these, they can become an option extra that you can charge clients more for.

Do you have a specific way to make your client relaxed and in the mood? Let us know on the Viva Street After Dark blog.

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