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As an Escort – You Gotta Spend Money to Make Money

Open your escorting wardrobe and tot up its value. Chances are you’ve probably spent a fair chunk of money on clothes, shoes and accessories, not to mention hair styling, waxing, tans, manicures and a great bag to pack all those out-call goodies in.

Splashing cash on your appearance is well worth the investment, but to get a client to appreciate it you’ve got to get them to book you in the first place and that starts with a great ad.

Running a business as a self-employed male or female escort and turning a profit starts with quality marketing and if you want to be a high-earner, that’s where you gotta spend money to make money.

Here’s a few tips on where you should invest your cash to attract well-paying clients:


If you’re better with people than you are with words then it might pay to employ someone to write the content of your ad for you. A professional copywriter can help you write up your services in an interesting, witty and sexy style that sets you apart from the competition.

If you’re one of the many escorts in London who’s looking to make real money, remember that your potential clients have lots of lovely ladies to choose from. Making your ad original can help ensure that they choose you.


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The right words might tease, intrigue and inform your clients but a picture says a thousand naughty words and enlisting the help of a professional photographer will give clients a sexy snapshot of what they can expect from you.

Take a minute to look at the escort ads yourself. You’ll be able to tell which ones have used a photographer for their images. A professional knows how to manipulate the light, how to alter your pose, position your clothes and get the very best images of you.

Men love a visual and high quality pictures can help to mark you out as one of the truly classy, desirable, sexy escorts available. Nice images suggest that you’re successful and must be doing something very well so are really worth booking time with.


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Placing your ad on a reputable website is one of the simplest ways to attract the right kinds of client.

Here at Vivastreet, we offer a range of budget-friendly advertising packages which make it easy to spend a little money and potentially make a lot.

To post an ad we charge a minimal fee that covers our administration costs for moderation and gives everyone access to our Viva Protect service plus the option to add a link to your own website.

It’s easy to get your ad on our site but if you really want to make money, why not add on a few extra Vivastreet marketing features to promote your services?

Features include guaranteed front-page ad placements and highlights to make your ad stand out in general or regional searches. These can be added for 10 to 30 days at a time so you have complete control over how heavily your services are promoted.

3 million clients visit our site every month – that’s millions of potential clients for you if you have an ad here.

To find out more about advertising as a London escort or professional companion anywhere in the UK, check out the great advice and tips written by escorts, for escorts, in the Vivastreet After Dark adult blog.

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