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UK Escorts: Make Cultural Stereotypes Work for You

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Usually at Vivastreet, we’re quick to dispel the myths and stereotypes about escorts, but recently we wrote a post for Indian escorts with tips on how to make the most of their naturally exotic appeal – well, you might as well flaunt your ‘unique selling points’, right?

It dawned on us that you don’t need to be ‘naturally exotic’, there are opportunities for all of us to make the most of our nationality or ethnicity.

For certain groups of women this seems easier than others. If you’re a Japanese escort, for example, you could go down the traditional geisha route, dress in a kimono and make tea for your client or put a modern twist on things by offering to be a naked, human sushi plate!

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If you’re an Oriental escort, you could fulfil a stereotype by offering tantric massages as part of your service.

But how can you cash in on a cultural stereotype when you’re just a ‘regular English girl’?

Well, lots of people who enjoy the company of escorts are visitors from other countries who are looking for a little fun between dull business meetings and for them, English escorts have certain stereotypical traits that make them very tempting.

We did a little research into the way English women are perceived and found a few, popular preconceptions of what you’re like, that you may be able to use to your advantage:

Your Accent:

English accents vary greatly from one town to the next but there are admirers out there for each and every one of them.

Whether you’re a cockney lass, speak the Queens or have a glorious Scouse, Geordie, Cornish or Mancunian dialect, tell your clients about in your ad. Clients might not be booking you for conversation but pillow talk in a sexy accent is very appealing.

Being Naughty:

Those Carry On and St.Trinians films have a lot to answer for!

English girls are thought of by some as cheeky, naughty minxes who lead well-behaved, conservative men astray with their charms. You can play up to this stereotype by including school uniform pics in your profile or promoting yourself as a down-to-earth, mischievous, girl-nextdoor type.

Being Classic:

Ah, the quintessential English rose, a pink-cheeked, fair-skinned, gentile thing of beauty. This classic image of English women is easy enough to replicate. Dress modestly, make sure your ad is well-written and free frm txt tlk and keep your hair and make-up natural.

The idea is to come across as a polite, well-mannered, educated woman that clients would (in other circumstances) take home to mother.

Being Homely:

Escorts come in all shapes and sizes and men who want a little care and tenderness from their women find the stereotypical maternal, English woman very appealing. This is great for buxom, busty escorts who can offer clients a soft and cosy place to rest their weary heads.

Being a successful escort means knowing how and when to play the part. Clients fantasise about you, they have ideas about what kind of woman you are and if you fulfil those fantasises you can become very popular indeed.

Have you any experience of playing up to a cultural stereotype to satisfy your clients? We’d love to hear about it! Feel free to share your stories or tips in the comments section right here in the Vivastreet After Dark adult blog.

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