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Escorting is woman’s work, and other myths…

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Escorting is woman’s work, and other myths…- Vivastreet Blog

Think you know something about escorts? Well get ready to have your views changed as we bust open some of the most common myths about escorting.

Escorting is Woman’s Work

While it’s true that most escorts are women, there are plenty of men and transgender people working as escorts, and plenty of men, women and transgender people hiring them.

One woman told an interviewer that just like her male counterparts, she wants interesting company and hires escorts because she leads a busy lifestyle and doesn’t want the ties of a relationship right now.

With a professional escort, she gets to be “treated like a princess…Escorts provide a service. When I hire an escort,” she says. “I am hiring the services of a professional man and I love the conversation and the company,” and she gets that without the risk or hassle of meeting a stranger in a bar or on a dating site.

Male escort, Ryan James, gave a candid interview to Daily Life magazine and explained that he gave up being “a nine-to-five office drone [doing] mindless, repetitive computer spreadsheet work,” in favour of escorting.

Why? Because, like many female escorts, he gets to work the hours that suit him, earn good money and ultimately, “get enjoyment from pleasing someone else.”

Escorting is not about gender. Some people sell their time and others pay for it. Simple.


Escorts aren’t smart enough to get a ‘proper’ job

The vast majority of escorts are actually incredibly articulate and savvy.

They might not wave an impressive CV or bank statement around to show how successful they are, but according to research by Suzanne Jenkins, “35.3 % of male escorts” and “32.9%” of females have undergraduate degrees, with a further “18% holding post graduate qualifications.”

Successful escorts can earn thousands of pounds per month because they make interesting companions.

One male worker, Josh, told the BBC that he works as a London escort because it’s “probably the most visited city in the world so there are always new clients” and in his busiest month, he earned £30,000.

Escorts don’t have to deal with the rat race, they choose their hours and make great money.

There is nothing dumb about that.


People escort to fund a drug habit

Some escorts do take drugs. But so do some stockbrokers, politicians, judges, doctors and academics.

The kind of escorts who advertise here on Vivastreet are professionals. They succeed because they know that being a successful escort means keeping a clear head and steering clear of drugs and alcohol.

In fact, many of them take great care to look after their bodies and are probably healthier and in better shape than anyone you know who works in a ‘regular’ job.


Escorts are forced into the industry

In almost all cases, escorts work for themselves. They are not forced or coerced into the job by circumstance or some persuasive pimp.
Escorts work independently and are free.

In fact many people choose to work as an escort for that exact reason: they get more freedom than they would in a conventional job.
They work the hours they choose with the clients they choose, set their own fees and keep the money they earn.


Only ugly people use escorts

Wow. This is perhaps one of the most insulting stereotypes there is.

Individuals from all walks of life, of all ages, with all sorts of looks use escorts for companionship. There are all sorts of reasons why, but being unattractive is not one of them.

The only ugly thing about the escorting industry is these myths about the people who work in them.

Times have changed, and these old sexist stereotypes about the roles men and women play are finally evolving, partly in response to gender-flipping campaigns which, with humour or shock tactics, are challenging out-dated ideas about who does what, with who, and why.

No-one deserves to be objectified or judged so don’t be ignorant, be informed. You can find plenty more honest information and advice about escorting right here, in the adult blog on Vivastreet.

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