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Being Mistaken for a Call Girl or Prostitute Has its Advantages…

When you work as an escort you often get confused with other kinds of worker in the adult sex industry, most commonly ‘call girls’ or ‘prostitutes’ and although it can be really annoying, it’s a misconception that you can actually use to your advantage.

As a London escort, any booking that you accept is in part, fulfilling someone’s fantasy and implying that you offer a call girl or prostitute service is simply an extension of that.

The stereotypical call girl or prostitute appeals to a particular kind of client and if you want to boost your income by attracting them, then you need to tailor your ad for their benefit. These simple tips will show you how:

Call Girl

Ever since Billie Piper stepped into the role of Belle du Jour in the Secret Diary of a Call Girl, men and women have been falling over themselves to book a woman who can offer them such a fun, open-minded and sexy experience, why not?!

A call girl can be defined as a kind of less discreet escort, by which we mean someone who is a bit less cloak and dagger about what they do. As an escort, you advertise companionship and then negotiate other, more personal services in person. As a call girl, it’s understood from the off that you offer a sexual service; a fun, liberal and classy one.

Clients tend to think of call girls as incredibly feminine and sexy so describing yourself and your location, such as “busty escort, London” or “curvy girl, Birmingham” will help those kinds of client to find your ad.

However, it’s always smart to play it safe so don’t list too many specifics. Clients can read between the lines so offer them a GFE or other cheeky acronym. Describe yourself as open-minded and explain that you have a selection of outfits and toys for incall or outcall services.

Being saucy, cheeky and sexy in your ad will ensure that your own secret diary gets fully booked in no time!


It’s fair to say that in the adult sex-working world, a prostitute is considered as the cheapest, most readily available and dare we say it, disposable kind of girl and for some clients that’s incredibly appealing.

Unlike escorts or call girls, prostitutes offer an uncomplicated sex only service; clients don’t need to take them out for dinner or engage in a lot of conversation, they don’t need to buy them gifts or be charming, they just need basic manners and hygiene to spend time with someone who is available.

To catch these clients, you don’t need to offer sex in your ad but perhaps mentioning that you have a high sex drive, that you are uninhibited and accept appointments at short notice will help.

Men who pay for prostitutes usually expect to spend less than they would on a call girl or escort, so describing yourself as a cheap London escort will get their attention, as will offering brief appointments for as little as 15 or 30 minutes.

As always, be wary about accepting new clients and make sure that you have safety plans in place. Clarify in a phone conversation exactly what’s expected for your appointment so that both of you are happy and that’s it!

When you place an ad on Vivastreet, you can create different kinds of advert that appeal to different kinds of a client; a fresh picture, personal description and alias is all it takes to attract your pick of the punters and inject a little variety into your working day.

You can find plenty more tips and information on how to maximise your income, how to deal with the unusual requests of your clients and lots more, right here in the Vivastreet After Dark adult blog.

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