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5 Minute Hairstyles for Your Holidays

5 Minute Hairstyles for Your Holidays

As an escort, you probably spend a lot of time washing, drying, styling, colouring, cutting and dealing with your hair and when you go on holiday, it’s nice to just take a break from all that preening and relax.

However, at the same time, you have standards to uphold and want to look good, right?

Well, with these easy hairstyles you can.

Forget about packing a hairdryer and bottles of styling products; all you need is some dry shampoo, a pack of kirby grips, a couple of hairbands and you’re pretty much set to step out in style.

Any of these hairstyles are perfect for a relaxed holiday look and can all be achieved in less than 5 minutes.

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On Planes, Trains and Automobiles:

Taking care to style your hair before spending hours sitting in an airport terminal, being stuck in traffic or staring out the window of a train is just an epic waste of your time!

When you’re travelling to or from your holiday destination it can be tempting to just tie your hair back in a simple ponytail to avoid any styling at all, but with a few simple tricks, the humble pony can be pretty, practical, and hold its shape for the duration of any journey.

Create interest by adding a couple of twists or braids, or by adding volume with some teasing and you’re good to go.

To achieve this feminine and full-bodied ponytail, simple click here for instructions.


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On the Beach:

Whether you call them top-knots or buns, being able to bundle your hair in a little pile anywhere on your head is a skill worth learning.

Pile it high to keep your hair dry in the pool or comfortable to lay on for a spot of sunbathing, or pile it low to sit elegantly under the brim of your beach hat.

Then, simply add a sparkly clip or a flower here and there and you’re ready to go straight from the beach to the bar.
You can find tips on how to achieve this look in under a minute, here.



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Image courtesy of thebeautydepartment.com

On the move:

This is a variation of the knot or bun and is a total lifesaver for anyone with short hair.
This is great for just getting your hair out of the way when you’re exploring markets or local attractions.

With just a couple of accessories, this hairstyle goes very easily from a casual daytime look to a sophisticated and romantic evening one; just dress it up with a statement hairclip, necklace or long dangly earrings.

This hairstyle is so easy that it will probably take you longer to read the instructions than achieve the look!




5 Minute Hairstyles for Your Holidays 4
Image courtesy of blog.freepeople.com

Out at Night:

This easy and clever hairstyle makes your hair look twice as long as it actually is. With just two hairbands, you can achieve this super-long, cascading look in minutes.

Want to know how? You can find step-by-step instructions, here.

It looks great and keeps your hair off your face and neck to keep you cool. It’s also very swishy, which is just what you need on a dancefloor or late night stroll down a moonlit promenade!

Your time off is well-earned so make sure it’s well-spent. These styles are all so easy that you can just deal with your hair, forget about it, and concentrate on enjoying yourself.



Have a great holiday!

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