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The Vivastreet Guide to Becoming a Freelance Masseuse

Handsome man getting massageAre you good with your hands? Then why not put them to work and start a new career as a freelance masseuse?

Whether working hard in an office or on a building site, people love getting their mental or physical tension and fatigue smoothed away under the skilful hands of a professional masseuse.

When working freelance, a masseuse – just like an escort – can offer in-call or out-call services and set their working hours and their fees to suit their lifestyle.

Sound good? Well here are some tips on how to get started:


To give someone an indulgent, relaxing massage you don’t need any specific qualifications but you do need strong hands, patience and an understanding of what physically feels good; it takes practice.

The best way to learn is to give lots of massages – something your family, friends or partner will be only too happy to help you with!

The best part about practicing on people you know is that they’ll be able to give you honest feedback on what feels good and where you could improve, and unlike a client who’s paying for the pleasure, they won’t complain or ask for a discount if you get it wrong.

There are lots of techniques that professional masseuses use to please their clients and prevent themselves getting fatigued. You can find useful tips and tutorial videos online for giving great back, leg, scalp, hand and foot massages; the more skills you have, the more clients you’re likely to pick up.

If however you’re serious about making freelance masseuse work your profession, you should enrol on a recognised training course at your local college. They will teach you not only the hands-on stuff, but the science behind why it works.

Gaining qualifications gives you credibility and means that you have every right to charge more for your expertise than someone less skilled.

Courses vary but you can learn new skills on weekend courses or in the evenings, or enrol on a comprehensive training course for 6 to 12 months.

Who knows, in just a few months’ time, you might not just be good with your hands, you might be good with your knuckles, elbows and even knees too!


Once you’re confident that you’re skilled enough to provide a quality massage and charge for it, you need to invest in the right kit.

It doesn’t take a lot to work as a masseuse. At a minimum, you need to make a client feel comfortable. That means using pillows, blankets or bean bags so that however they lay or sit, they can relax. However, to appear professional, it’s worth investing in a purpose-built massage table.

These are structured to make your clients feel comfy but are also adjustable so you can alter the height to make yourself comfortable too. They can be folded and stowed away easily so if you’re doing out-calls (visiting someone in their home or in a hotel) they will fit easily into the boot of your car.

Make sure that as well as taking care of their physical comfort, you try and set the right ambience too. Light some aromatic candles, dim the lights, play some peaceful music and make sure that the room is warm enough to let your client be comfortable without their clothes on.

Obviously this is easier when providing in-calls (having clients visit you in your own home) but most freelance masseuses or escorts that offer a massage service prefer to keep their personal and professional lives separate.

To offer great service anywhere, make your own massage kit and keep it in a wheely suitcase. Make sure it includes towels, some sensuous massage oils, scented candles, matches, a radio/CD player and a uniform too. Looking the part adds to your professional image and protects your clothing from the oils.


When you work freelance you’re responsible for marketing your business. While many self-employed people can rely on some word-of-mouth publicity, the skills of a masseuse are not something that most clients brag about.

Don’t take this personally! They’re either concerned that people will misinterpret what you do – massage can be a very intimate experience, after all, you’ve got your hands on their naked flesh – or, they simply want to hog your hands for themselves.

The best way to promote your service and get bookings is to create a masseuse profile and advertise right here on Vivastreet.

If you’re not sure how to word it, do some research and check out the other ads (or depending on how you look at it – the competition) online first to get some ideas.

It always helps to write something that makes your ad stand out from the crowd, so include details about the kind of massages you give and the experience they can expect as well as a few details about yourself.

Explain what you offer, tell them where you work or how far you’re willing to travel, be clear on when you’re available and how long they can book you for and invite them to contact you to find out more.

To keep your ad fresh, make sure you update your headline and any images frequently – with Vivastreet you can alter your profile as often as you like without paying any fees. We’re very generous like that.

Keeping your advert fresh means that you’re more likely to catch the eye of clients who check out the ads regularly, plus it shows that you’re professional and that can be appealing to clients who are nervous about letting you, a stranger, get your hands on their flesh.

To really promote yourself you can request further services. We offer a choice of Featured, Highlight, Auto Repost or VIP Carousel upgrade plans which promote your ad by placing it on the front page of a search or making it stand out to clients.

That’s it! Working as a freelance masseuse is pretty simple. Get the skills, publish your ad here on Vivastreet and let your hands do the talking.


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