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How Much Should I Charge If you are new as an escort ?

If you are new to escorting, you may not be sure how much money to charge for your time and services. Or, you may have been escorting for a while but wondering if perhaps your prices should go up or down for whatever reason. Selecting a price point is a tricky thing to do, as there are so many factors to consider.

The most important factor by far is: how much money do you want?

That is, how much money would it take to make you feel happy about the transaction? It goes without saying that you shouldn’t take anything less than the amount that leaves you smiling at the end of the booking.

You also have to take into consideration your overheads or other costs

Are you going to be driving an hour each way to the booking? Will you be renting a posh flat or a room in a nice hotel? Consider the time you spend driving, dressing, primping, preparing, and answering phones as part of your working time. Many people think “She’s getting paid ##100 an hour!” and it sounds like that’s raking it in. Well, I can tell you that some girls may work 40 hours a week but only get paid for 10-15 of those hours. I’m talking about time spent sat in an incall flat, waiting for the phone to ring and then screening those calls vs time actually spent with clients in bookings. Sure, that’s still a thousand pounds or more per week, but after the overheads it may be significantly less money.

It seems logical to me that an escort should charge as much as she (or he) can possibly get. Ideally, you should make as much money as possible for as few hours worked as possible. At some point, there will be a “sweet spot” where you consistently make the money you want within the time you want to work.

When you’re new to escorting, or touring an area, it’s tempting to look and see what other escorts are charging in your area.

There is often a perceived “going rate.” But try and keep in mind that you can’t always directly compare hourly rates. There are often other factors at play. If an escort offers a niche service or has something unique about her, she may charge more per hour. Other escorts offer what appears to be a lower basic rate but add on lots of “extras” for various services and those extra prices may not be listed in her advertising.

It’s normal to start out with what seems to be the normal “going rate” for a particular area and then discover that the demand for your time is very high, to the point where you can’t accommodate all the calls for bookings you’re getting.  If that is the case, then you can raise your rates. How high you can raise them will vary. At some point the phone will start to ring less frequently. But that may not matter if you are still making the money you want to make. You can see five clients for 100 an hour or four clients for 120 an hour and still make 500.

You don’t have to charge less money than someone else just because you are older or bigger or have smaller boobs

You will see advertisements with photos of stunning girls promising the world for low prices but don’t be fooled: the girls and their services may be nothing like what is advertised. Many a client has discovered this the hard way and are often suspicious if things look too good to be true. Also, very few men will say, “Wow. I’d love to see that gorgeous blonde young stunner but I can only afford this old munter, instead.” Take it from me – a flat-chested middle-aged woman – the men who come to see me do so because they like the look of me. They didn’t pick me because I’m cheaper than the next lady down the page.

Some escorts have a preference for longer bookings or shorter bookings

In this case, they may set rates to encourage clients to choose certain lengths of time. It’s very common for the second hour to be cheaper than the first hour. So, for example, 120 for one hour but 200 for two hours. This may appear to be the norm but that doesn’t mean you have to do it that way. Perhaps you don’t like longer bookings. Maybe you get bored easily and so for you, that second or third hour feels like much harder work. In that case, you don’t have to discount subsequent hours. You’ll get fewer longer bookings and when you do, at least you’ll be well-compensated.

Some escorts don’t want to work very much at all, so they charge much higher rates

I know a couple who have gone the “high class courtesan” route and it works for them. It’s primarily a matter of marketing oneself as something special and then charging a ton of money. There absolutely are men who will go for it! My “high class” friends aren’t booked solid, but they don’t want to be. They’ll do a couple of bookings a week – often longer bookings including dinner out at a restaurant – and be free to concentrate on their hobbies or families.

Just as some escorts discover that they’re so busy that they can raise their rates, there will be times that your phone barely rings at all

You’ll wonder what is wrong and consider lowering your rates. I am not sure if that is really a good idea. It’s tempting to try and apply basic economic principles of supply and demand to escorting but the truth is, we’re not commodities like barrels of oil and what will make clients decide to spend money here or there isn’t always clear cut. There are men who want to pay as little as possible and there are those who wouldn’t feel comfortable with anyone they perceived as being “cheap.” If you were very busy in December and then the phone goes quiet in January, you may be tempted to lower your prices. But it’s likely nothing to do with you or your prices – it’s just that everyone sort of goes into hibernation and the economy slows down in January. The clients simply aren’t out in the same numbers. Lowering your prices may backfire as you can appear cheap and when things pick back up again, it can be hard to put your rates back. You can be sure that as soon as you do so you will get messages from men saying, “Oh, I’ve been meaning to see you but I haven’t had the chance until now… but you’ve raised your rates!” They had all of January to come and see you and now that you’re busy again they still want that discount!

Another thing that I have heard is that having rates lower than the local norm can encourage more of the wrong sorts of clients

I’m not talking about social class and poor men vs rich men. I’m talking about the sort of man who only cares about getting as much as he can for as little as possible. For some of them, it’s a power trip. So if you have a discounted special rate for January, such a man will ask if you could give them an additional discount. Or, he’s going to have an attitude of getting every possible thing he can for his money and push every boundary you have for the full thirty or sixty minutes and then ask if you can make him a cup of tea before taking the world’s longest shower. Depending on your personal temperament, you may wish to avoid such clients.

I wish there were a magic formula – like a spreadsheet – whereby we could enter in our age, dress size, postcode and other variables and determine the magic number whereby we will make the most money in the time we have available. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. A lot of it is just guessing and trial-and-error. But try and remember that there are many other things you can do before you consider competing on price.

Improving your marketing by advertising widely, having great photos and well-written adverts, offering excellent services with attractive conveniences (good location, comfortable venue) – all of these factors are more likely to increase your income than simply changing your prices.

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