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How Much Should You Charge Your Clients?

If you’re one of those people who feels more comfortable talking about sex than the sordid topic of money, then you’re going to find it difficult to make good money working as an escort.

Anyone who’s self-employed needs to set their prices with confidence, so here are a few pointers on how to figure out yours:

You decide the fee

Never ask a client to decide what they pay you! Sounds bonkers but it happens. However, the nice approach will not get you a bonus. When it comes to money, the only thing your client should decide is how much to spend on gifts or give you as a tip.

Too high or too low?

Part of the difficulty with pricing is making sure that you remain competitive; there are lots of smart, attractive and interesting men and women working as escorts and if you set your fee too high, you risk pricing yourself out of the market. Set them too low and you risk sending the message that you’re not worth a decent fee.

Check out the competition

To find out what the going rates are in your region, take some time to look at the escort ads in your area on Vivastreet. In general, you’ll find that most escorts offer their time for around £100+ per hour.

However, it’s not enough to just look at their fees, you need to delve deeper to see what services other escorts are offering.

As an individual, you decide what kind of services you provide and how much you charge for them. If you want to earn top dollar, you need to tailor your prices to the kind of companionship your clients actually want. An escort who provides massages can charge more than one who doesn’t.

Avoid advertising a flat fee unless you specify in your ad that that price is for your time only and other services will cost them more.

Among other things, you can charge a higher price for:
– Meeting at weekends or unsociable hours

– Being a companion at a corporate event where you’re expected to appear knowledgeable about a particular topic or industry. You may have to do some research before these kind of bookings so charge clients for your homework time.

– Travel expenses if you have an unreasonable distance to travel.

– A particular outfit if you need to dress up for a client’s event or personal taste.

– Role play.

– Offering a public girlfriend experience, for example holding hands or being tactile with your client at a function.

Some escorts set their prices on a sliding scale, with discounted prices for longer appointments. Doing this gives you the opportunity to earn more and cut out time preparing for and meeting up with different clients.

Ultimately it boils down to what sum you’re happy to exchange your time for. Take into account what kind of money you need to earn and what kind of escorting time you have available to earn it.

If you find yourself getting a lot of enquiries then increasing your prices is a smart move. You could work less but earn just as much, or work just as much and earn substantially more.

Of course, when it comes to pricing, how you present and market yourself to your audience will have a big impact on their willingness to part with their hard-earned cash and book an appointment with you.

For advice on how to create the perfect ad and be a successful escort as well as lots of other useful information, check out the other articles right here in Vivastreet After Dark UK.

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