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How to advertise your second hand jewellery

We know the drill: you’re sorting out the loft and realise that all of that jewellery you were “saving for a rainy day” (translation: that you’ve had since you were 13 and haven’t the heart to throw away) is still up there, languishing and procrastinating like a teenager revising for a maths exam. Well, we don’t have the heart to throw away our trinkets either, so we have a pretty good happy medium; passing them on to others so they can enjoy them.

At Vivastreet, we have many, many sellers of second hand and cheap jewellery who use our site, and you can effectively sell yours by following these four simple tips to a successful advert:

Precise details

No one wants their jewellery to not do exactly what it says on the tin: if you say it’s diamond, make sure it’s diamond, and if it has a 3cm diameter, describe it as such! People may become confused and irritable in the event of a false description, and rightfully so.

Pretty photos

Your jewellery is especially pretty, so make sure it looks it. No one wants to see a Myspace photo of your blurry bracelet. Get your item on to a nice, plain background and let the photo do the talking, or at least some of it.


What!? You haven’t mentioned that your bracelet comes with the engraving:

Dear Jon, Happy Xmas ’06!

Your pal,

Kim Kardashian

You should obviously mention that.


Despite the numerous celebrity engravings on your item, try to keep things at a realistic price, or people may not buy it. Check Vivastreet for going rates, as well as to get an idea how to safely buy and sell jewellery.

Good luck with your sale!

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