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How to Avoid Making Emotional Attachments to an Escort


[emc2pdc id=”279″] How to Avoid Making Emotional Attachments to an Escort

There are all sorts of reasons why you might choose to spend time with an escort …
To experience the intimacy that your busy lifestyle doesn’t allow.
For the excitement of meeting up with a stranger.
Or to simply enjoy the company of a new woman without having to make any sort of commitment.
But, it can be just these things that make an escort so incredibly appealing … on an emotional level.
To enjoy the perks of using an escort without risk of blurring the lines between professional and personal intimacies or developing an emotional attachment to them, take the following advice:

Keep your feelings in check

Spending time with an escort that you enjoy the company of can make you feel wanted, desired and appreciated; indeed, that’s part of the service and the appeal.
But this can trigger unexpected feelings of protection or responsibility for their welfare; seeing the woman you’ve just spent a very happy hour or evening with; walks away to meet another client can often delivers a surprising emotional blow.
Protect yourself by keeping a clear head; your escort is a paid professional. She does not want ‘saving’. You are not Richard Gere. This is not Pretty Woman.
If spending time with an escort makes you realise you want more from her than just that paid time; stick to dating.

Protect Yourself

Professional escorts all take the smart step to protect their identities.
So the chances are, the woman you see regularly hasn’t even told you her real name.
Don’t assume that she shares more with you than any of her other clients. Part of her success will come, to an extent, from her ability to make you feel special.
This is not some underhand manipulation, but business.
You are paying for a service you clearly enjoy, remember that.
Be wary of those who appear to develop an emotional attachment to you. Protect yourself by giving an alias, keeping your personal life private and avoiding taking an interest in theirs.
Remember that this relationship is strictly professional and the only commitment you should be making is to keeping it that way.

Keep it in perspective

Sure, you think of your escort between your meetings and long to see her again, but do you really want more?
If you decide to pursue her and turn your casual relationship into a committed one, could you realistically see her having Sunday lunch with your folks or watching TV with your kids?
And would you expect her to give up escorting if she did?

Enjoy the variety

Remember why you started using escorts in the first place!
There are some fabulously smart, funny and sexy women who advertise right here on Vivastreet and are available to spend time with you. The easiest way to avoid developing an attachment to one escort, is to spend time with many.

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