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How to buy a boat: tips for a first time buyer

Are you ready to set sail and buy a second hand boat but are unsure how to do it? Boats are an investment, just like cars and there are aspects to be mindful of before you go splashing the cash. Here are Vivastreet‘s top five tips:

1. Research what type of boat to buy

Speedboat, sailboat, dingy… there are plenty of options to look in to. Be aware of the environment you will be sailing in, for example: open water or a lake?

2. Check online reviews

Like any consumer product, second hand boats for sale in the UK will have their fair share of reviews, whether positive or negative. We recommend researching new models, then looking for that specific type of boat secondhand. The seller might also include notes about the boat.

3. Double and triple check the boat you’re buying

What does it include? Will you need to buy any extras? Be mindful that boats require a large amount of maintenance and it might be the case that you have to also purchase cleaning and transportation products.

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4. Where will you keep your new boat?

Second hand boats don’t come with their own spaces in the bay! Be sure to find out if there is a place to store your boat in the water or if you have to room to keep it on your driveway. Neighbours might not be keen on a large boat sitting outside their window.

5. The big exchange

Don’t be afraid to negotiate with the seller. If they know you’re a first time buyer, they could try to swindle you and take advantage of your lesser knowledge. Don’t be worried about offending the seller, if this isn’t their first boat, I’m sure they’re very aware of the tricks of the trade! If you’ve done your research and think you’re getting a good deal, then happy sailing! If not, carry on shopping.

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