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How to buy and sell used cars safely

Whether you’re a know-it-all or a novice, buying a used car can be a daunting prospect. It’s easy to imagine the used car shysters of fiction (or Matilda anyway), tinkering with the mileage and constructing your car from stolen parts that will see you framed and locked up for good. We can assure you that when you use Vivastreet, that will not be the case. Let’s take a look at how to buy and sell used cars safely.

Look and think very carefully

If only to make sure that the car is exactly right for you, look very carefully at the advert and compare it with others. If they’re offering a Ferrari for the price of a Go-Kart, then there’s quite a good chance that there’s something wrong with it. Unless you’re looking for a vehicle for your “wrong cars” collection, you’ll want to stay clear.


Viewing and chatting

Make sure that you speak to the buyer or seller of your car over the phone to ask some preliminary questions, and meet them in person, in public, if you wish to proceed. If you don’t think they are trustworthy, then steer well clear.

Test drives

After having realised that the person you’re dealing with is, in fact, really nice, then ask for/offer a test drive. Ensuring that the car works is central to the process, and no one wants disappointed customers. Just a quick go around the block is all it takes.

Bank transfers

Bank transfers are probably a safer bet than cash – neither party wants to be carrying hundreds, even thousands, of quid around.

With an enormous selection of quality used cars across the UK, we connect you with the buyers and sellers that you need to find for all of your second hand car needs. The successful used car sales that have taken place on Vivastreet are frankly enormous, and there are thousands of happy customers that have been brought together via our pages.

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