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How to combine two part time jobs

In an era where non-traditional employment is rife, there are quite a few people out there who may have one, two or possibly even more jobs. Whether you have your fingers in a few pies as a gig economy freelancer, or simply combine your 60 hours of work as a heart surgeon with your 55 as a Middle East peace negotiator (you sleep on the plane to and from Jerusalem, right?), balancing your positions, and your life, is very important. But how do you do it?

Be open and honest

It’s very important to be open with your employees about your commitments. This will ensure that you can make arrangements early on in your relationship about when you can and can’t work, and can generally factor in your other obligations. You can thereby devote attention to each of your roles without any guilt, and you won’t have to keep explaining why you can’t go for staff drinks.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew

Don’t burn yourself out and let your work or work/life balance suffer. You may like the sound of the money you could make if you do 70 hours per week spread over two separate roles, but try and be sensible. You’ll need to eat, sleep and have a nice time too, and this isn’t the 1980s. And you are not Gordon Gekko.

Stay local

If at all possible, reduce your commuting time by trying to find jobs close to where you live, or a quick distance away by public transport/however you want. This reduces the hours of your working day and removes the stress of travel, making you a picture of calm and competence for both of your jobs.

Don’t get confused!

Make sure you’re in full, job-specific work mode when you get in and aren’t asking the poor folks at the funeral parlour if they’re alright to order at the bar.

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