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How to Get What You Want from an Escort

Every client who books an escort wants something specific and the only way to get it is by following these simple rules:

Read the Ad

Most escorts don’t want to be tied up (excuse the pun!) dealing with lots of questions about their service so are usually pretty clear about what kind of thing they offer. If you want something in particular, like a girlfriend experience, a ‘GFE’ for example, and it’s not offered, then read another ad.

At Vivastreet we make it easy for you to find just what you’re looking for. Just pop some descriptive terms in the search box; things like ‘domination’, ‘massage’ or ‘busty’ will narrow your search and give you a list of lovely ladies offering the exact service that you’re after.


A lot of clients assume that because an escort is experienced, she’ll totally take control of the situation and do all the hard work and they’re often disappointed. Your escort will help you relax, but you need to be clear about what you want.

Asking your escort for a particular service is both practical (you get what you want) and polite (your escort will appreciate being treated like a person instead of a commodity) and you won’t risk offending her by assuming that everything is on offer.

One escort might list a variety of exciting services in her ad; it doesn’t mean you’re going to get all of them in one appointment – pace yourself! For any reason at all, an escort might decide that she doesn’t want to perform a particular service for you and that’s her prerogative. Don’t take it personally.

Keep her Informed

Throughout your appointment, make sure that you give your escort instructions on how you want things to progress. As long as you stay within the boundaries of what you’ve agreed then she’ll probably be very accommodating.

Be Patient

You are paying your escort to provide you with a service, one that you hope will make you a very, very happy man. Don’t let your cash cloud your ideas, money aside, your escort actually wants to make you very, very happy too.

But, she is a human being and sometimes, getting what you want means developing a relationship with her so be prepared to book more than one appointment.

If an escort gives you exactly what you want, thank her, tip her and then book her again!

You can find lots more advice for escort clients right here in the After Dark adult blog, so whether you’re curious to know what kind of client ‘type’ you are, what things you must NEVER say to and escort or how to spare yourself the agony of falling in love with one, then read on.

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