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How to keep pets cool on hot days

With summer in full swing, it is important to ensure your pets can enjoy the warm weather safely. The thick fur coat on dogs, cats and small pets can make the summer heat even more intense for them, and puts them at a greater risk of dehydration and overheating. Great care should be shown for your pets during heatwaves, as it can be difficult for them to know how to keep themselves cool.

Provide plenty of fresh water

Make sure there is a constant supply of fresh water for your pet, both inside your home and taken with you on walks. Of course, animals will drink more when it’s hot, so make sure to leave out more than you normally would. If leaving your pet for long periods of time, make sure water is placed in a container that cannot be knocked over.

Keep your pet inside

The sun is at its hottest between the hours of 10am and 3pm, and so if possible ensure your pet is kept inside and out of direct sunlight during these hours. Pets will prefer to sleep on cool tiled or wooden floors to keep themselves cool. Don’t lock your pets in rooms such as conservatories, however, as these will get very hot during the day. If you have an outdoor pet such as a rabbit or guinea pig, it might be a good idea to move them inside if you feel the temperature outside may be too hot. If it is not possible to keep your pets inside, make sure there is plenty of shade outside for them, as well as lots of water. Make sure to never leave your pets in hot cars, caravans, or other similar locations.


Pets with long hair will appreciate having it trimmed for the summer months, or groomed regularly to ensure there is no build-up of loose fur, which will act as an insulator. Pet sunscreen can be used if you feel your animals may be at risk of burning.


Heatstroke can be fatal to pets, so watch out for the telltale signs which include extremely heavy panting, vomiting, lack of coordination and collapsing. If you witness any of these symptoms, take action immediately.

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