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How to look after a rabbit

At Vivastreet, we don’t just offer a space for you to sell your useful objects. We also have pages of adverts posted by people who are looking for a new home for their completely adorable rabbits.

However, as rabbits are of an animate nature, their care requirements are rather different to the other items you might see for sale on the site. Here’s some advice regarding how to look after your rabbit:



Domestic rabbits should have a hutch to themselves so they can sleep on their hay and frolic in a bit of peace, and also so that they don’t run amok and eat all of your carrots. It’s give and take. Ensure your home is prepared for their arrival, and that the hutch is strong and secure to ward off predators, if outside.


Baby rabbits are best suited to eating alfalfa hay and carrots – don’t feed them lettuce or cabbage as this will make them ill. Rabbit pellets from the pet shop will also work well, and it is best to consult the staff there about the best requirements on a rabbit-by-rabbit basis. Don’t just let them gorge on everything!

Don’t mix your rabbits

The sudden influx of housemates can scare your bunny – so do not place other furry friends in their hutch and expect them to get along. Guinea pigs, for example, are sworn enemies of the rabbit, and they will fight like cat and dog – speaking of which, make sure cats and dogs are kept at a safe distance.

For more detailed information, please consult the previous owners or acquaintances of the rabbits, as well as pet shop owners and animal experts. You’re going to have so much fun!

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