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How to Maintain a Relationship While Escorting

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How to maintain a relationship while escorting - Vivastreet Blog

If you choose to work as an escort, the chances are that you’re already in a relationship, or will start one at some point in the future.

Unlike almost any other job, working as an escort requires a large amount of flexibility, tact and discretion. So how do you balance your professional life with your personal one and keep yourself, your partner and your clients happy?

Only you can decide whether to tell your partner about escorting. Every relationship is unique and only you can judge how your partner will react, or cope with the idea of you spending time with men, women or couples for money.

Here are a few things to think about:

Keeping your escort work secret from a partner:

It’s never wise to have secrets or lie to your other half, but there are good reasons for keeping your escorting work to yourself, especially if your relationship is a new one.

If you choose not to tell them, then take these steps to keep it private and protect your relationship:
– Use a separate email address and mobile phone for your work.

– When you’re with your partner, turn off your work mobile and put it away somewhere it’s unlikely to be found.

– Use the privacy settings on your internet browser to make sure your work email doesn’t show up on your browser history.

– Be very discreet with how you spend your escorting money. It can raise suspicions that you’re doing something you shouldn’t be and even if they don’t think you’re escorting, this suspicion will put an unnecessary strain on your relationship.

– Never escort in your local area. You don’t want to meet his friends and discover you’ve previously been booked by them.

Telling your partner about working as an escort:

If you decide to tell your partner, it’s likely that they’ll have a lot of questions to ask you so be prepared to bare all and be honest.

Some men find the idea of their girlfriend or wife enjoying the company of other men very difficult to cope with. Even the most confident, open-minded, liberal man will need a lot of reassurance from you.

The worst case scenario is that he demands you stop escorting, that he leaves you because of it or that he threatens to (or actually does) ‘out’ you to your family and friends.

You probably already know whether he’s a judgemental or possessive type. If he’s not, and he’s open to discussing it, then be prepared to talk through some very awkward or emotive topics in a way that reassures your man that you, him, and your relationship are all safe.

Your guy might be anxious about you developing feelings for a. He might be worried about you being intimate with other men and putting him a risk of diseases. If nothing else, he will be very concerned about your safety.

Being willing to make some compromises might make this easier.

He might want you to limit the number of clients you have, the hours you work or the services you offer. Altering your work habits will show that your relationship is your priority and help him feel more comfortable with it.

He might want to drive you to and from meetings to make sure you’re safe, but this isn’t advisable. However, you can let him call you at an arranged time to confirm that you’re OK.

Equally, you might have some requests of your own. Making it work means finding some ground rules that suit both of you. For example, you might want to insist that he doesn’t ask you about your clients or ask you to wear any clothing or underwear that’s reserved for business.

It takes a special kind of guy to respect his girlfriend’s choice to work as an escort so if you find one, a few compromises are worth making.

Are you dating an escort and have any advice you’d like to share with someone else in your position? Feel free to share your tips with the Vivastreet community in the comments section below.

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