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How to organise successful events – 10 top tips for perfect events

The trick to organising a truly special event is to make sure you’ve considered every element that will make it a success. Of course, we can sometimes take for granted what goes into making an event perfect. So with that in mind, here are 10 important things to consider when it comes to planning your event.

1. Venue

You’ll be at a standstill until you’ve narrowed down the venue you want. Tick this off your list and everything else should come much easier.

2. Food

Your job is to decide on the cuisine. Leave the rest of the work to a catering company.

3. Drink

There should be a bar of some sort, that much goes without saying. Some venues may even let you bring your own alcohol for a corkage fee.

4. Music

The last thing you want is silence. Your best bet is to go with a DJ or a live musician. Both of these are guaranteed to liven things up a bit.

5. Entertainment

You can always go the extra mile with additional entertainment. A dance troupe is certainly one good option.

6. Children

Make sure there is something for any younger guests (if applicable) to enjoy, such as a bouncy castle.

7. Activities

More and more people are opting for interactive activities to get their guests mingling. What about a cocktail masterclass?

8. Travel

Make sure you’ve considered how you – as well as your guests – can get to and from the event safely.

9. Decorations

Choose a theme and make sure all the decorations match up to it. It’s the little details that count.

10. Special additions

Where possible, go the extra mile with something strange and quirky, such as a photobooth. It will help your event stand out.

Enjoy your event!

Just remember to have fun after you’ve put in all the hard work to make the event perfect. For help planning an event, you can turn to VivaStreet.

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